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Are you ready to die? What’s more, are you ready to kill? When you hold a gun
anywhere but the firing range you’d better be ready and able to use it or die.
Don’t get me wrong; just because you carry a gun doesn’t mean people
automatically start being violent towards you but if you get in a fight and
someone realizes you have a gun it’s more than likely that they will pull one
and shoot you if they have it. Most people think that a gun will make them
invincible but the truth is: Every bullet is another life and every gun is
another instrument of death. The more people that carry guns, the more people
that die. On the flip side, if nobody but the military carries guns then the
people the control the military have free reign over everyone. It is a nice
thought to have absolutely nobody carry guns but unfortunately that goes
strictly against the human nature that is “create to destroy”. It is a
pessimistic view but unfortunately it has been repeated consistently enough to
have backing. I wish there was an easy answer to it all but there isn’t. I
have come to the conclusion that everyone should be allowed to carry a gun, but
everyone should have to go through a psychological evaluation before they can
buy one in order to determine whether they are more of a danger to others and
themselves with a gun or not. Another stage of getting a gun after that level is
to be taught the full consequences of killing a person. It should be a much
harder process to get a gun then it is, but after passing; the people should be
given a license to carry firearms.
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