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In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain the main
character, Huck Finn, grows and learns many lessons. Throughout my life I have
learned many similar lessons. In addition, I have discovered that there is a
relationship between Huck's life lessons and my life lessons. Also I have
learned many different lessons that Huck was dispossessed from learning. Twain's
character, Huckleberry Finn, and I can be compared and contrasted through
lessons we both have learned and lessons that only I have learned. During my
life I have learned that lessons are hard, complex, and above all else are
universal. One lesson that Huck and I have shared in learning is that a person
can choose to escape an unfair situation. Huck escaped his abusive father and
was taken in by the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. I too escaped an abusive
father. When I was six years old my mother divorced my father and I decided to
live with her. Another lesson that Huck learns is to be his own person. He
learns this when he left Tom Sawyer and his gang for his own adventures. I
learned this same lesson when some friends wanted to go to a concert on a night
that I had school and a project due the next day. I did not go with them and
even though my friends had fun, I was proud to be an individual. Additionally,
Huck learns that friends are very important because they are always there for
you. He and Jim become very close over their long trip down the river. They do
things for each other that shows that they are friends. Tom helps Huck rescue
their friend Jim from slavery. Huck and Tom free Jim because he is a good friend
to them. I have also learned that friends are a tremendous part of my life. On
various occasions, friends have helped me study for important tests.
Consequently, Huck and I have learned similar important life lessons though the
experiences were different. On the contrary, there are also a few lessons that I
have learned that Huck has not learned. I have learned that you must deal with
your problems instead of running away 12/19/98 from them. Huck runs away from
the Widow Douglas because he does not like the way that she forces him to live.
I have learned that problems only get better if you deal with them. When I have
a difficult project to do, instead of procrastinating, I ask for help with it.
Another lesson I have learned is that lying is never the correct alternative.
Huck lies to Aunt Sally when she asks him about all of her missing possessions.
I have learned that when I lie I get in trouble. One day, I broke a neighbor's
window and blamed it on my cousin. When my cousin told the neighbor that he was
on vacation at the time, the neighbor called my mother and told her that not
only had I broken her window, but that I lied about it. My mother grounded me
for two weeks and also made me pay for the window. She told me that had I told
her the truth I would have only had to pay for the window. Huck has not learned
these lessons because he has not been caught in these situations yet. In
conclusion, I can identify with Twain's character, Huck, in the lessons that we
have both experienced. These lessons have been proven useful for both of us.
Hard lessons establish character and help you to learn from your mistakes. You
can only learn these things by living through them, not by others telling you
about them. This novel has shown me that Huck still has lessons to learn, as do
I. The only difference between Huck and I is that I have learned a few more
crucial lessons than him and am therefore, a little more experienced in my
learning process. Overall, I feel that Twain has effectively captured the
essence of a young boy's struggles through life.
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