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Mark Twain Mark Twain is probably the greatest American author to ever live. His
style of writing changed the world forever. Before Mark Twain everyone wrote on
serious topics. Twain was the first American to write comedys. People liked him
because never bofore had their been an author who actually could make the reader
laugh. Many people wonder how Mark Twian has become the greatest American
author. Dr. Elliot Engle says Englands best writer, William Shakesphere, wrote
over thirty-five wonderful plays. Mark Twain wrote only seven stories. Most of
his stories are about kids. The one story that makes Mark Twain such a great
author is the “immortal Huckleberry Finn.” Dr. engle claims that this book
will always be an American classic. Mark Twain was born 1835 in a small Missouri
town called Hannibal. His birth name was Sammuel Langhorne Clemens. He used the
name Mark Twain during his professional carrer. “Twain drew on his boyhood
along the Mississippi River for many of the characters and incidents in his
work.”(Benets) It was obvious that Twain did not like his home state for
Missouri. Once he left, “He never returned”(Dr. Engle). Engle also says that
he called his home state “Misery”, instesd of Missouri. During his
childhood, Twain’s family was not very rich. His father was an unsuccssful
lawyer from Virgina. Mark Twains days in school did not last very long because
he dropped out. The first job that Twain got was working for the newspaper in
Hannibal. This job was the worst in the town(DR. Engle). Every mourning he had
to wake up at 4:30 to be at work by 5:00. When he got to work he had to chop
wood to warm-up the office, wake the editor, cook the editors breakfast, pick-up
the editors mess, and finally mop the floors. This was the eaisest part of his
job. Hannibal did not have a typewriter to type the words onto the paper with,
so Twain had to stamp every letter onto the paper. He never could find the
letter he was looking for because the drunk janitor,who woked their, always was
stamps in the wrong spot. So before every letter he put on the paper, Twain
would have to look to make sure it was the correct one.
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