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George was in a state of shock after he had shot Lennie. All of the workers were
suspicious of George and they were all talking about the incident when George
went back home. Curley was very angry and he was looking to cause trouble as
usual. Curley came up with a preposterous idea that George had planned to kill
Lennie. He told all the workers that George was to have Lennie do all the work
and then George would rake in all the pay. He said that Lennie didn’t like it
anymore and he threatened to tell on George. Curley said that George was just
looking for a reason to shoot his friend. After George had told everyone of
George’s plan they were going to confront George. When they did, George threw
a punch at Curley and a fight broke out between George and most of the workers.
George got thrown to the ground and that’s when Slim stepped in. Slim
threatened to hurt every one of them if they didn’t go away. The next day when
George had awakened from his bloody beating, Slim had told George that
Curley’s father had canned the both of them. Slim and George were trying to
figure out what they were going to do. George remembered that he told the old
couple that he would take the farm. When he told Slim about the idea of the
farm, Slim agreed and they tried to come up with the money. Between George,
Slim, and Candy, they only had 500 dollars, which included what they had already
sent to the old couple. They thought and thought of an idea to get another 100
dollars, but there was no possible way they could. They had all packed up and
they were ready to be on their way. They began to walk out into the forest and
to see what new obstacles they would have to overcome. George and Slim heard
hooves off in the distance. All of the sudden they saw two men on horses in the
distance. One of the men was white and the other was black. When they got near,
George and Slim realized that it was Candy and Crooks! When they got off the
horses, Crooks took out 100 dollars and handed it to George. They all were
jumping and yelling with happiness. George looked up and yelled “we finally
did it, we finally did!” They made camp and the next day George mailed off the
letter with the rest of the money. With the four men on horses they were on
their way to their new life. They reached the farm a few days later to greet the
old couple. They looked around and the place needed a fixing up, but to them the
place was a dream farm. They realized that they had overcome their challenges
and they were ready to start a new beginning.

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