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For my English creative writing assignment, I have chosen to do a letter
correspondence between a modern Romeo and Juliet. I have turned the play around
a bit, and it differs from the original story. Near the end of the play, the
Capulets discover Juliet and Romeo's marriage and forbid her to see him ever
again. Juliet then marries Paris, but sends one last word to her beloved Romeo.
Below, is her letter. Romeo, I'm really upset that our parting had to be so
sudden into our marriage, and that our wedding night had to end so suddenly.
With thoughts of you still in my mind, I rushed home to finish off what I never
got the chance to say to you in the form of a letter while your beautiful face
is still very clear in my mind. Romeo, I know you, and how you react and how you
think. So I know your first instinct will be to pretend the reality of these
past few days never happened. You will want to rip up and throw away this
letter, trying to hide from the situation. But please, I am asking of you, if
you loved, love or are in love with me then do not. For my sake. Seriously, I
will be starting from the beginning, the truth. When I first laid my eyes on you
at the ball at my mansion just days ago, I thought you were the most beautiful
creature God could have ever possibly created. What we had was difficult. Romeo,
I have gone and will continue to go through everything for you. I am now living
in a different city and with a different man because of you and I am sure we
both know that this is the worst place I could possibly be. I have devoted my
life to you and not for one minute do I ever regret any of it. I've been trying
to convince myself that what happened over these past couple of days never
happened at all. Since the past week, I've done nothing but think about us. I
love you so much Romeo, too much. At this point in time I can't even imagine
picking up my life and moving on without you in it. Fate, I believe is what
brought us together. It also was what tore us apart. Romeo, everything happens
for a reason. I hope that one fine day fate will kick in and destiny will bring
you back to me. One day. Take good care of yourself so I don't have to worry too
much about you. I really wish that our UN-dying love would help us over this
hurdle once more. A piece of me has died with our parting. I love you, and
Romeo, I will never forget you. Your Bright Angel, your shining star, Juliet C.
Juliet, I couldn't sleep at all last night. Reading your letter just erupted my
feelings all over again, to you I write. Please understand me. We were made for
each other. Everyone goes through tough times and they usually end up hating
each other, but last night when I was walking back to Verona, and even when I
was arguing with you, I didn't hate you at all. What I felt was totally
different. It was fear that I was going to loose You. I didn't think I was going
to lose you, but I was really scared that I might. I tried not to cry and I
through my emotions aside. All I felt for you was love. I make promises to you
that things will be different soon, and we will find a way to reconcile our
marriage and I don't blame you for doubting them. You haven't even seen them!
That is totally unreasonable. You were right in your letter, I hope fate will
one day help us through these tragic times. I think I should keep acting as if
you are still my wife because then and only then will you see, and feel How much
I love you. These last few days I have been trying to convince myself that I
hated you for what you did with Paris, but I couldn't. There is nothing that I
hate about you. In a working relationship you don't hide feelings like these
under the carpet. I glad you told me everything in your letter, and I think that
things will work out, but only time will tell. You know how I feel now, and I
actually feel good. I know I've lost a lot of your love, and that doesn't feel
good. It might take a while to get it back, and I don't expect things to be the
same because They won't unless we keep telling each other everything that is
going on and then and only then will we be able to move on. I think I have told
you everything, and right now all I want is to put everything behind us, but
that's a stupid thought. With love, putting things behind isn't the way love
works. Love is mutual respect to the point to where you don't want to spend a
minute without that person. I have more respect for you now than I did last week
because I know it took a lot to tell me what you did in your letter. It shows me
that you are still trying to make things work through the thick and the thin. I
will NEVER feel complete without you by my side, I am leaving my heart in your
hands. Romeo. In conclusion to my letters between Romeo and Juliet I have shown
how much love they have for one another. Their ever-going passion will never
die. In my opinion, this would be a happier ending to the story, however, maybe
not as romantic.
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