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Lovers are often stopped from falling in love, but lovers have faith to help
them love each other. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, two
star-crossed lovers are paused from falling in love, due to two family feuds.
Fate leads Romeo and Juliet to meet and to die. Romeo and Juliet are fated to
meet, although they are from different worlds. For example, when Romeo tells
Benvolio of his first love, Benvolio tells him that they will soon be together,
but Romeo claims “in that bit you miss. She’ll not be hit with Cupid’s
arrow, she hath plans wit” (I, I, 216-217). Rosaline was not meant for Romeo.
Their love shared was unreal. Cupid knows that someone else along the way is
destined for him. In addition, when preparing for a party at the Capulets’
house, Romeo believes “his mind misgives some consequences, yet hanging in the
stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date,” (I, iv, 113-115) if he attends
the party. The stars are predicting Romeo’s future. They know that he will
meet someone, but something between the two was just not meant to be.
Furthermore, when Juliet asks Romeo how he found her, he replies, “’By love,
that first did prompt me to inquire. He lent me counsel, and I lent him my eyes.
I am no pilot’” (II, ii, 85-87). Romeo’s instincts lead him. Juliet is his
true love and his soul knows where to guide him. Even if fate helped the two
lovers to be together, it also helped bring them to punishment. Romeo and
Juliet’s path of love is fated for disaster. For example, when Juliet learns
that Romeo is a Montague, she realizes “[her] only love springs from [her]
only hate” (I, iv, 52). Juliet knows inside that falling love with Romeo will
only make the family feud even worse. Juliet also knows that the two can be
killed for loving across their group. In addition, Juliet believes all men
fickle and that Romeo “be fickle, for [she] hopes thou wilt not keep him long,
but send him back” (III, v, 60-64). Juliet hopes that Romeo will plays with
her heart. She wants this because she wants the two lovers to end up in grief
together, then they can be happy again. Furthermore, Juliet believes that she
will meet Romeo “by leaving earth... [to] comfort [her], counsel [her]”
(III, v, 218-220). Romeo and Juliet’s love is too strong to be broken down.
The only way the two lovers can be happy is in heaven; therefore, death is the
answer. Romeo and Juliet rely on death to satisfy them. Because the Montagues
and Capulets disapprove of the couple meeting, they must die together to please
themselves. They do not care what people say, they just want to be happy.
Nowadays, couples still rely on death to help satisfy them, like Romeo and
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