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1.How do I feel about this novel ? The way I feel about this novel is kind of
mixed because , I couldn't tell if Mr. King was trying to scare me like it was a
horror story or if he was trying to make this story more Science Fiction . The
way I reacted , when he starts to talk about the power of Charlie McGee and how
she is starting to realize her strengths. It freaked me out , because how could
somebody have that much power. The way this novel relates to me and others is ,
when McGee starts to become very controlling with to much power . My friends do
the same thing when they think their in charge. The feeling I mostly experienced
. Was sadness for McGee because she was blessed with a gift , that many would
not want , being able to set things on fire . The way I responded to knowing
that she had these powers at first was OK cool, but then I realized what kind of
destruction she can cause. 2.I think the novel means that some people are born
with special things or bad things. Such as a good thing being perfect and
healthy, but a bad thing wood be in McGee's case being able to burn things or
light them on fire . I think the theme of the novel is to try to scare you . I
also think that Stephen King is telling an important message by writing these
kinds of books . The message is nothing is ever perfect . For example McGee was
a great student, daughter, pretty much good over all , but she had a little
secret . The author is saying that the world is unfair to different people with
special abilities like McGee because she is different. 3.I think the Author
created the meaning of the novel by giving a regular eight year old girl a
special power. Through this I think Mr. King is trying to say that people of all
ages do have certain powers and privileges and when those privileges are taken
away people get angry and tend to do bad and cruel things. 4.The evaluation that
I gave the novel would be a six, because it kept me reading, but I could of just
stopped any time. The novel was worth (nine dollars and seventy five cents, just
kidding) reading because it was interesting and scary at the same time. Judging
this book up to my standards which are interest, and enjoyment . The book was
interesting at some parts and enjoyable at some parts overall this was a little
bit above average book compared up to my standards. The most important thing to
me as an evaluator is to be able to read and comprehend the authors work. For
instance when Mr. King says this sentence it turned into a fine powder I knew
then that McGee had burned something very thourghouly. 5. I don't think the
message of this novel is worthwhile, because the message is more than less not
real with a girl being able to create fire in her hand.

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