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From the earth to the moon and around the moon by Jules Verne, a book about how
he foresaw man reaching the moon. Through the infamous Gun Club which was
nothing more than a group of disfigured and excitable old war veterans. Since
there was no war, they needed to create some grand project as an outlet for
their destructive energy. Illustrated in many of the attitudes of the Gun Club
members was how they feared no obstacle and were confident that American
resourcefulness would conquer all of their obstacles. One of the ways that they
vented their destructive power was to build a projectile-vehicle to voyage
around the moon and back. The members of the gun club were determined to build
the vehicle that will bring them around the moon. They chose a crew of 3 to
voyage on the projectile-vehicle, Michel Arden, President Barbicane, and Captain
Nicholl. They all successfully made it around the moon but on the way back they
had a little trouble and on re-entry to earth they didn’t land quite were they
wanted to. They ended up in the Mid-Pacific Ocean. The other members used all
the latest equipment that was used to put the transatlantic cable in the
Atlantic Ocean to get them out. At the end of the book after it kind of leaves
you with a little of Jules Verne’s food for thought, he asks if they would
ever be able to colonize the moon, and move on colonizing planet after planet.
Even then back 200 years we still have the dream of colonizing other planets and
also our own moon. This book was exciting and captivating all at once. 
The book was exciting because you never knew what was going to happen. 
The book was captivating because you wanted to know what was going to happen.
Both of them came from when they were at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and you
weren’t sure if The Gun Club was going to have enough influence to get them
out of the ocean alive because they were running out of air.

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