Essay Writing

Our essay writers can help you write any type of essay no matter how complex your guidelines and specifications are. We work on all types of essays assigned to High School and University students including but not limited to 5 paragraph essays, critical essays, narrative essays, expository essays, descriptive essays, etc.

Research Paper & Term Paper Writing

Our writers have written thousands of term papers over the years and will be able to write an original and sophisticated paper quickly enough to meet your deadline. Writing a research paper or report is always a time-consuming task because structuring and writing the paper takes less time than conducting research and literature review. Our company maintains access to high quality electronic libraries and our researchers have years of experience under their belt. If you are in a time crunch, the smartest thing to do is to delegate your responsibilities to our company. Just because we have so many writers and researchers working as a team, producing a completely original and competently written research paper on a short notice becomes a reality. Our writers will cite sources using any citation style (MLA, APA, Turabian/Chicago, Harvard, etc.) and will write the report meeting the exact instructions of your assignment.

Book Report, Article Review & Journal Critique Writing

Our writers can write a report on any book, article or journal. We will need you to specify the book or send (fax or upload) an article or a journal for direct reading and reviewing. For book reports, we will not necessarily require that you mail the book because our writers have access to most books in digital format on-line. We also maintain access to libraries of cliff notes and summaries that can help to write an original book report when there is no time to read the book from cover to cover. Shorter resources such as articles, journals, short stories, essays, or short publications will actually be read and reviewed by our writers.

Artwork Review Writing

We employ many art majors capable of writing effective and professionally phrased reviews of artworks including but not limited to sculptures, photography, paintings, drawings, statues and monuments. If we get to deal with a famous/renowned object, our writers will locate a digital image of the required object/work and write a review or analysis based on that information. However, we are not limited to that and you are welcome to forward any electronic resources that can assist in preparing an effective review.

Poetry Analysis

We are happy to offer poetry analysis services done by College graduates and Master's students - all Literature majors. You may forward us any poetry piece and will receive a professionally composed original poetry review or analysis.

Thesis and Dissertation Writing

Our dissertation writing services should definitely be of special interest to you regardless of how high you are up the academic ladder. Even doctoral students need assistance preparing their most important projects - theses and dissertations. The assignments of such level involve an enormous amount of research and it is no wonder that many graduate and doctoral students turn to our company for assistance. If you have a thesis or dissertation project that you need professional assistance with, we strongly suggest that you contact our support team immediately for a consultation. We will be able to help!

Admission Essay Writing

Admission essays require a special level of attention from the writer. A recklessly composed admission essay will cost you your scholarship and your future education. What our service can guarantee is an admission essay composed by a qualified professional with excellent track record of hundreds of successful admission essays done for other clients. The work will require a lot of your personal input and the writer will ask you many questions prior to starting the work and turning that information into a powerful presentation tool.

Application & Resume Preparation

Application writing and resume preparation have been on our list of services for a long time. We employ writers who can help with such assignments on a professional level. Similarly to admission essays, such projects are of great significance and will be done meticulously taking into account your particular circumstances such as the organization you are applying to, your industry, position, level, and lots of other details. Your resume is a self-presentation tool and it will be crafted based on your particular requirements.

Case Study Analysis

We help with case studies in both academic and professional areas. A case study is normally a set of questions related to some thought-provoking reading. We have the facilities to help you with such a project in a professional manner on a really short notice. Your case study can be uploaded as a file or faxed at our fax number and our writers will read the text and answer the accompanying questions completely and professionally.