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Essays are the most common written assignments that High School and College students encounter in the academic setting. Essays require personal input and can differ in depth and complexity. Our writers are proficient in writing all existing types of essays ranging from basic High School 5 paragraph essays to complex thesis-like Graduate School essays.

Argumentative Or Persuasive Essays

Argumentative or persuasive essays are typical High School and college assignments where the author chooses to argue with the audience over some specific issue. Argumentative essays are similar to position papers that college students often write for English composition classes. Like a good position paper, a good argumentative essay presents introduces an argument, defines the opposition and subsequently reviews some existing opposite views on the subject. The body paragraphs must get across a number of important points defeating the opposition and the conclusion wraps it all up. Argumentative and persuasive papers require careful planning and structuring. Our writers will craft an effective argumentative essay that will win the attention of the audience. All we need is a subject and some basic guidelines, even though the writer may propose an effective structure based solely on the subject matter.

Expository Essays

One of the most important purposes of writing is information sharing and that is the main application of expository essay writing. Expository essays are used to expose information, knowledge, ideas, thoughts, etc., therefore, the person writing an expository essay will describe, explain, present, illustrate, demonstrate and expose. Emotions are rarely present in expository writing. It is the information that expository essays are all about. Our writers can write an excellent expository essay on absolutely any subject. Only a minimal set of guidelines is required to order an expository essay and our writer will conduct the necessary research and structure the essay in accordance with the required subject and level.

5 Paragraph Essays

5 paragraph essays are classic assignments that are governed by a clearly set structure. There are always 5 paragraphs: an introduction, a conclusion, and 3 body paragraphs used to convey the points that are introduced in the introduction and wrapped up in the conclusion. Our writers have written hundreds of effective 5 paragraph essays for clients just like you and are here to help you with your assignment.

Descriptive Essays

We write descriptive essays on any subject. Descriptive essays are usually used for literary purposes such as describing an object or place. Writing an effective descriptive essay can be quite a complex task given there are certain writing techniques and rules to abide by. Our professional essay writers are here to help you with any descriptive essay on any subject.

Narrative Essays

In a narrative essay there is a narrator who presents a story or talks about an event. There are certain specifications for writing a narrative essay and you can turn to our writers for professional and timely assistance.

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The writers we employ are true professionals in the field of essay writing. All writing will be completely original and tested for plagiarism. Free unlimited revisions are guaranteed for all orders. You will have full contact with the writer working on your project and will be able to send/receive instant messages, upload or e-mail any additional resources and get qualified assistance from our Customer Care Center which operates around the clock.