Artwork reviews

We employ many art majors capable of writing effective and professionally phrased reviews of any artwork including but not limited to sculptures, photography, paintings, drawings, statues and monuments. If we get to deal with some renowned object, our writers will be able to locate a digital image of the required object/work and do a review based on that image. However, we are not limited to that and you are welcome to forward us any electronic resources.

Poetry analysis

We are happy to offer poetry analysis done by College graduates and Master's students - literature majors. You may forward us any piece and will receive a professionally composed original poetry review or analysis.

Admission essays

Admission essays require a special level of attention. A recklessly composed admission essay will cost you your scholarship and your future education. It is scary to think about the consequences of losing education nowadays, so let's not get into that. What we can offer you is an admission essay composed by a qualified professional with excellent track record of hundreds of successful admission essays done for other clients. The work will require a lot of your personal input and the writer will ask you many questions prior to starting the work and turning it into a powerful presentation tool.

Applications and resumes

Applications and resumes have been on our list of services for a long time. We employ writers who can help with such assignments on a professional level. Similarly to admission essays, such projects are of great importance and will be done meticulously taking into account your particular circumstances such as the organization you are applying to, you industry, your position, your level, and lots of other details. Your resume is a self-presentation tool and it is crafted based on your particular requirements.

Case studies

We help with case studies in any field of study. A case study is normally a set of questions based on some thought-provoking reading. We have the facilities to help you with such a project in a professional manner on a really short notice. Your case study can be uploaded as a file or faxed at our fax number.