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During the past century, abortion has joined race and war as
one of the most debatable subjects of controversy in the United States. The
issue of abortion causes discussions about human interactions where ethics,
emotions and law come together. There are many reasons why women decide to have
abortions. Some women have abortions because of health complications, some have
marital problems, and some lack responsibility. Whatever the reasons a woman
decides to have an abortion, it seems only justified that she should be able to
make decisions in regards to her life and body. The decisions that she makes in
regards to what she does with her body and the fetus will be beneficial to both
the woman and the fetus because it will prevent many problems from occurring in
the future. If a woman were to have an unwanted baby, she may neglect or even
abuse the child causing the child to go into the care of the government.
Bringing an unwanted child into the world is unfair to the innocent child and
the woman. The government has no valid reason in bringing an unwanted life into
the world. Bringing an unwanted child into the world is not helpful to the
parents, the child and the government, because if the parents cannot take care
of the child, eventually, the government will be responsible for the child. The
right to have an abortion is personal and essential to a woman’s life, because
having a baby in one’s life causes dramatic changes. Pregnancy and childbirth
can prevent women from keeping and getting jobs. When women are pregnant many
employers do not want to hire them because when the woman has a baby, the
company or employer must still pay her for the time that she is out of work by
law. Also, raising a baby and providing for all the needs that a child has is a
lot of money, which can create an insufficient income for many women. Another
factor that imposes on women when they have children is the amount of time they
have for themselves and others beyond the baby. Women feel that it prevents them
from providing services for others and time for themselves. Sometimes after a
pregnancy and childbirth, many women have to give up their dreams on starting in
school or end up dropping out because they do not have the time for it. They
have to give up on something that will significantly influence her family and
her future. Pregnancy has a great impact on the woman’s future and her future
relationship with her family. In many cases of unwanted pregnancies, the women
are not married. These women inmost cases cannot go home and announce that they
are pregnant and be proud of it. Their pregnancy would be am embarrassment and
disgrace to the family. Some families would suggest to the pregnant woman about
disowning her, throwing her out of the house, and cutting off family
communications and wealth. Many of these women cannot deal with loosing their
family and the new lifestyle that they have to face. So in order to prevent
losing their family and leading a tough life, they look into the option of
abortion. Women should have the choice of deciding what would be best for their
future, whether or not they are ready to change their lifestyle and decide the
relationship between themselves and their family. A woman is equal to a man. But
during a pregnancy, when the woman does not have the choice to abort the fetus
growing inside of her, she is not his equal. A man can simply withdraw from a
relationship as soon as he finds out about a pregnancy. He has the choice of
staying and supporting the pregnant woman, or the choice of leaving her and the
development of a new life. He can simply say a sentence or pick up his bags and
leave while a whole new life is growing inside of her, a life that she cannot
get rid of unless she has professional help. Without the choice of abortion, a
woman does not have the same choices that a man would have. With the right to
have an abortion, women like men have the right to fully use the powers of their
minds and bodies just like a man. A woman’s body is hers and hers alone. No
one has the right to make her do something that she does not want to do. The
Supreme Court has stated that it is a woman’s right to have an abortion if she
chooses to. In the Roe V. Wade Decision, the judges stated that the right to an
abortion is a woman’s right and choice by recognizing abortion as a
fundamental constitutional right and choice by recognizing abortion as a
fundamental constitutional right and made it legal in all states. The law now
permits abortion at the request of the 14th amendment’s “personal
liberty,” women are given the right to receive abortions. The “personal
rights” included on the 24th amendment proves that a woman’s body is hers
and hers alone, and what she chooses to do with it is her decision. If a woman
does not have the choice of bringing a fetus into the world may not only
jeopardize the future of the mother, but it also has great impact on the future
of the fetus. Many times when a fetus is not wanted by the parents but is forced
into the world, the fetus may be given up for adoption, abused and neglected.
These children in most cases do not have the same kind of opportunities that
other children who were raised by parents that loved and wanted them have. When
a family has a newborn, the parents have great hopes and dreams for their baby.
They hope and dream that their baby will have a successful life. They want their
child to be a well-educated and respected aspect of society. No one hopes that
their child will become a failure. But when a parent is not ready to raise a
baby, she may have hopes and dreams for the baby, but may not know where to
start in making those dreams become a reality. She may decide that the best
solution for herself and the baby might be to put the child up for adoption, in
hopes that the foster parents would provide the baby a better life than the
birth mother would. With all good intentions, the outcome of each child is
uncertain. The outcome of what will happen to the child who is out up for
adoption is uncertain, because it is difficult to find good homes and parents.
There are many children out for adoption, but not enough people looking into
adding another person into their family. Some children never get the chance of
even becoming a part of a family. They are continually transferred from one
foster care to another lacking individual attention and needs. Some children may
find a foster home to live in, but it may become a home, which actually becomes
more dangerous than the streets. There may be an alcoholic that becomes abusive
when he is drunk, and the child may be abused. There may be a mother who cannot
handle stress and releases her emotions on the child by telling the child that
he is useless and not worthy of anything. One the contrary, it is possible that
a child may go into a good foster home with good foster parents. The foster
parents may provide the child opportunities that they may have never had with
their birth parents. But it is still more common that children who are not
raised by their birth parents are more likely to lead to lives of destruction
because their natural parents weren’t ready to take the responsibility of
raising a child that they created. The creation of unwanted children should not
happen. If there is any doubt that a parent cannot raise the child, they
shouldn’t bring the child into this world because children that are not taken
care of by their parents tend to end up in the hands of the government. It
becomes the responsibility of the government to take care of these unwanted
children. Unwanted children are put on the streets, the government needs to find
homes for them, and they need to find rehabilitation centers for children that
need counseling because they have drug or alcoholic problems. The government
needs to supply these children with food, clothes, and an education, but most
importantly, a place and the idea that the children are cared and loved for. Can
the government offer all these things to meet the needs of these children? The
government cannot provide all the things that the children need, contrary to
that, the children provide more than what the government can handle. Unwanted
children who are left to be taken care of by the government grow up and provide
a lot of work for the government. It has been stated in the Young and Modern
Magazine, that unwanted children raise the percentage of crime, pregnancies and
gang activities. If the number of neglected children would decrease, there would
be a decrease in the numbers of crime, pregnancies and gang activities. There
would be a smaller number of people that would be homeless, abused, and left on
the streets to be taken care of. With a smaller number of people with such
problems, it would give the government the time and money to deal with other
issues and problems that society has created. Children can be a positive aspect
to society, but the unwanted and rebellious also can be a burden to the people
and the state. Children should not be a burden to anyone. But if there is a
chance that the children should ever become a burden or an innocent victim
because they were never wanted, they should have never been brought into this
world. Children are precious. They should not be made innocent victims. There is
an argument that killing the fetus before it is born is makes the unborn child
an innocent victim, but the children who know and understand the reality of
their position will be bigger victims than a fetus who does not have the ability
to think and feel. If a fetus is unwanted, for the parents, the child, and the
government, it would be best to terminate the fetus before it is brought into he
world and is abused and neglected.
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