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Carpaccio was born around the year 1460 near Venice, Italy. They didn’t keep
birth records then, so this date is an estimate. Vittore knew from a very young
age that he wanted to be a painter when he was older. He couldn’t pay
attention in school because he was always drawing or sketching on his papers. As
a young man, Carpaccio was greatly influenced by two Venetian painters. These
two painters were Gentile Bellini and Giovanni Bellini. Carpaccio was influenced
greatly by these artists, but he also admired the work of other artists of the
Venitian art period. Carpaccio used four cycles of paintings; each of these
cycles was used to tell a story. However, only the first two of these cycles
have become well known. Carpaccio did the first of these cycles between 1490 and
1495. This cycle consisted of nine large paintings. One of these paintings,
named The Legend of Saint Ursula, is considered by most people to be his finest
work. Especially original is the painting Dream of Saint Ursula. Vittore
completed the second cycle of his paintings between the years 1502 and 1507.
This cycle also consists of nine scenes. These scenes are mainly from the lives
of Saint George and Saint Jerome. The two best known paintings of this cycle are
titled Saint George Slaying the Dragon and Saint Jerome in His Study. Even tough
Carpaccio was greatly influenced by other artists of his time; he still had a
style that was different than everyone else. He seemed to use the colors black,
red and brown more than other colors. He also put exotic animals or objects from
faraway lands in many of his paintings. He also was very good with architecture
and knew how to paint buildings so they looked real. Some of Vittore’s other
widely known paintings include: “A Saint Reading” and “Virgin and
Child.” Even though he isn’t as famous as some other artists are; Carpaccio
was one of the greatest artists of the early Renaissance in Europe. He may not
be the greatest drawer ever, but that isn’t what makes him great. What makes
him great is how he uses color in his paintings. His colors are always bright
and vivid, and his lighting effects are brilliant.

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