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In this paper I will show my knowledge of many different topics of Cellular
Life. I will explain the theory of biogenesis, cell theory, the history of both
and how they tie in together. I will also state the scientific method and why it
is important to science. Abbi Spallonzani used Scientific method in his
biogenesis experiment. Scientific method are some rules or principles used in
research and experimentation. Objectivity is the attempt to observe things as
they are. Approach is using either inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning.
Inductive reasoning is using results of observations and experiments with more
general hypotheses and theories. Deductive reasoning is using the exact results
of previous experiments. Deductive reasoning is used back in the mid 1800's when
Louis Pasteur was offered a prize if he could solve the theory if abiogenesis
was possible. Abiogenesis is the belief that living things can come from
non-living things. Biogenesis is the belief that living things are given birth
from other living things. He used previous experiments such as Francis Redi,
John Needham, Abbi' Spallonzani, and many others to devise a strategy. He made
swan neck flasks with large enough holes in them to let air in but no
microorganisms. He boiled mutton broth and put it in the jars and the broth
lasted over a year without spoiling. This proved that abiogenesis was wrong. The
organisms and flies in previous experiments succeeded in attacking the broth but
since the swan neck jars kept them out this proves that nothing can grow from a
non living object. The cell theory is a set of rules that are true of all living
things. A cell can only be created by another cell. All living things have at
least one sell. Cells are the fundamental structure of all organisms.
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