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This short report will give you a short summary on evolution and how it my
affect us, or even surroundings. Also, how it my affect our food chain and if
one thing would die how the other would suffer because of that, for an example
if you had snakes and birds and if snakes were to die birds population would
drop. Why, because birds feed on snakes. Now a part of the food chain contains
something called “niche” now you are asking what that is, so I guess that I
will answer that question, it basically what the organism will do in the food
chain. A food chain is how in the world’s animals, people, parasites, and
insects get all of their food ,and what predators will eat them.. Plus, it has
to do with how all of the organisms on this earth, and maybe; not to be
insulting, but to those who believe in Extra Terrestrial, and how all of these
came to our extraordinary planet. But, there is a man by the name of Darwin no
not the cartoon, but a man who I think might believe in God , yes God ,but God
of “Thunder” maybe any God but not the one that I think really counts. This
DARWIN who is kind of dumb, believed that everything on this earth came from
nothing. Now, what Darwin really doesn’t know is how nothing came from
nothing. What they call people who believe in this dumb theory are called
Darwinist. So I guess you could call these people pessimist or at least him. On
the other hand there are people who believe in what you, me, and almost all of
the “intelligent” people would believe in these people are called
creationist. Are creationist believe that there were things that put this
nothing on the earth. Now since this is creative writing, I can not understand
how people can tolerate this nonsense on how there was nothing and how it
created Dinosaurs etc… So in a way he did kind of believe in evolution he just
could not understand that animals came from a creator and not from a particle.
If you were to take your imagination, picture being in a food chain. Now
everybody know that humans don’t eat human in the “present day” but if
humans were in the food chain and we did not have a Martins’ or a 7UP we would
have to kill for our food. Now in times were there where cavemen they had to
fight for the food and eat raw meet. If the President Bill Clinton said that we
do not have a food supply and we had to hunt and we did not have guns or any
type of weapons. What we have to do is work and fight, and then we would be a
big part of the food chain and had to hunt every day. Now this is crazy, but we
don’t have to hunt but I guess we are a Scavenger because we get meat at
stores, prey because sharks, and Predators have eaten us because we hunt. Also
not lead you in the wrong way but we are in the food chain right know. Many
creatures may have similar characteristics. This doesn't mean they evolved from
one ancestor. All animals can change to a certain extent, which can explain
different breeds of the same species. However, they are limited by their genes
and stuff like that. Although genetic mutations rarely occur, they must be taken
into account. Most genetic mutations are harmful, but the Theory of Evolution
requires that some were beneficial. This can't be true. For example, a fish,
which mutates at the beginning of its life, might grow a small part of a lung.
Rather than benefiting the fish, the lung would be a useless organ. The fish
will succumb to natural selection because it is not as fit as other fish. This
is true for any other genetic mutation. This also has to do with evolution and
the way an animal can change maybe just be eating something. The Theory of
Evolution says the oldest layers of rock should be under younger layers, which
makes sense. Parts of the theory are illustrated by the "standard geologic
column, but there are a few things wrong with the standard geologic column.
Lawrence O. Richards's book It Couldn't Just Happen says there is no place on
Earth where the standard geologic column can be seen. Plus, sometimes rocks that
are supposed to be older are found above supposedly younger rocks, with no sign
of being hit or turned over. Another problem with the geologic column theory is
that fossilized trees can sometimes be found extending through different layers
of strata. For example, a tree might become partially buried. The part that on
the tree would rot before being covered by the next layer, But because
fossilized trees are found between rock strata, something must have buried them
all at once. The flood in the Bible scientist think that in places that could
have been the result of the burying. One definition of science is
"knowledge attained through study or practice." This means that the
Theory of Evolution is not science, and Creationism is not science. No one can
study the six days of creation, and nobody practices evolving. Both deal with
history, and both are accepted only by whom ever has faith in what they believe
in. If all current historic knowledge tells me that I am the descendant of an
ape, I would still believe in the God of the Bible. Historic "facts"
change, and what we think we know now might not be accepted as truth in the
years later. The Bible is the only book of facts that will never be disproved,
so I will believe the Bible. God wrote in Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is being
sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Even though
all the world people tell me to conform to their beliefs, and even if their way
seems to make more sense than God's, I will stand strong in believing I was
created with a purpose.
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