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Considered one of the most significant, influential, and controversial
publications in history, this book, I felt would be interesting to read and
learn from. Although his content in this particular book is the subject of much
controversy, Darwin's proffesional contributions and accomplishments will remain
well known and respected. Therefore, I selected The Origin of Species believing
that it would prove to be a stimulating and challenging reading experience. This
famous book discusses in-depth many important aspects of the study of life.
Darwin analyzes various issues including: creation, spontaneous generation,
adaptaion, laws of organism variation, hybridism, and natural selection, all
integral subjects in the science of biology. As I read this book, the magnitude
of its importance became clear, and I learned a wealth of scientific information
from the text that includes: geological succesion, morphology, and species
variation. The convincing arguments and coherent evidence inherent in this great
work induced subject retention and serious consideration of the topics that were
comprehensively discussed. The theme of the nature of life (most importantly
that of man) in The Origin of Species is still a subject of tremendous and
continuing debate. Also, this important topic is related to a variety of current
science events such as environentally concious efforts across the globe, the
philosophy and science of "the survival of the fittest," and the
popular studies of creation and evolution. I feel that this book is important to
read because it is a publication which brilliantly discusses interesting and
significant information, is often reffered to in scientific conversation and
study, and defines perhaps the greatest debate of the Western World. Charles
Darwin's engaging and pioneering analysis of flora and fauna calls into question
the long-held and once widely accepted concepts of divine creation, spontaneous
generation, and the unrelatedness of many species. Displaying original
reasoning, he distinctly and defiantly challenges many ancient beliefs and makes
an argument for Natural Selection: survival and evolution of species in response
to environmental conditions and other circumstances through a process in which
those creatures and plants with stronger, more-enduring characteristics live to
produce more adaptable offspring. It was Darwin's research aboard the H.M.S.
Beagle that led to the clash of intellectual titans-religion and science-over
the true nature of humankind. This book presents the controversial and
intriguing work of Charles Darwin that long ago changed/redefined the scientific
view of our World.
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