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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell is about the hunter and the hunted
but later in the story it becomes ironic because it turns into a game were the
hunter becomes the hunted. It turns into a chase of competition and of survival.
Two sailors Rainsford and his partner Whitney sailed in to the darkness of the
of sea. Their purpose was to hunt, they called it the " greatest
sport". They were hunters and headed to the Amazon to hunt vicious animals
such as Jaguars, and tigers. They sailed to an island called "Ship-Trap
Island". Sailors feared this island and had curious dread of such a scarry
place. The sky was filled with darkness when suddently he heard Three gun shots
that were fired, and heard them again and again. Then he heard a scream while
smoking a pipe when suddently the pipe fell and as he tried to reach for it he
whent down into the sea were the waves swallowed his screams. Nobody could have
heard him as the ocean swallowed his screams and the only chance of survival was
to swim. Rainsford swam towards the screams and ended up in the Island. He
walked on the shoreline and later found a place that looked like a mansion.
There he met General Zaroff who bought the island to hunt. He was indeed a
sporstman who invented a new sensation of the hunting game. His game was to
train those men who's ships were wrecked and ended up in that island, and then
provide them with food and a knife for three days. Once they were trained they
were led out into the island as a head start while Zaroff chase after them and
tried to hunt them down. If They survived during those three days they had won
the game and they were let free but in the other case if they were found they
were killed. Zaroff never lost the game so if one of the men being hunted was
about to survive he would release the hounds to chased after them. Rainsford
rested and the next morning had a dispute with Zaroff and told him that this
hunting style was to brutal. In this argument Zaroff got mad and at this point
in the story Raisford became the hunted. He was let loose into the island were
he was to prepare himself for the most dangerous game of his life, the survival
of the fittest. The first night was panicking and worried Rainsford as he hidded
on top of a tree. The next day he set up a trap but Zaroff did'nt fall for it
and he almost got caught when Zaroff was right next to the bushes were Rainsford
was hiding. the last day he set up a pitfall and while Zarroff and his servant
were serching, his servant unfortunately fell into the pit. Rainsford got out of
the Island trying to escape by swimming out into the ocean and swam back to the
mansion and when Zaroff returned Rainsford switched the game around and proposed
him to become the hunted. I like this short story because Rainsford was wise in
making traps wich allowed Zaroff to take more time trying to find him and did
them successfully wich helped him survive those three days. I also liked how the
story ended it was kind of ironic the way Rainsfored changed the game around and
became the hunter and Zaroff became the hunted. I thought it was a good idea
because this way Zaroff would realise that his game of hunting people was wrong
and this would teach him a lesson.
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