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One day Carrie and Jerry were walking home from school, and there was an
ambulance at the next door neighbors house. They asked what was wrong and they
found out that Mr. Zooman (that is what the kids call him) had a heart attack
(that’s what they thought). And what do Carrie and Jerry care about it? He was
a weird person anyway. That night Carrie and Jerry decide to climb the big brick
fence that surrounded the house. They just wanted to check out what was there.
They got their flashlights and shovels and started walking toward the house.
They climbed the fence and had a rough drop down the fence. They looked around
and saw huge plans; they were shaped like animals. Jerry looked up and saw a
lion with wings; it was so big that he could fit his head into its mouth…If he
wanted to. Jerry and Carrie were both scared, but they did not admit it. Ten
they herd a rustle, Jerry said “here kitty kitty.” Just to try to convince
him that it was only a cat. But Jerry and Carrie both knew it was the plants.
They started to dig in the roots and chop them down, but one grabbed Jerry and
smashed him to the ground. They ran away. This time when they climbed the fence
to run away it was much harder, but the did. The next day in school they talked
about what happened and what they could do about it. Jerry had an Idea. They
were going to have to go to visit Zooman in the hospital, to find out how to get
ride of them. They thought about this. Why didn’t he get ride of them? They
would soon find out.

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