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We have at least a television in our home. television allows us to hear and see
events as soon as they happen. If our grandma's mother or father see TV, they'll
suprised and say 'This is diablo's machine!'. We watch TV at least two hour in a
day. HOW WORKS TV? When a TV program is broadcast the sound and picture are sent
out simultaneously by two different radio systems. The TV camera takes the
picture. Camera is the most important part of the camera. The light from the
object is allowed to fall on a light sensivite plate located inside the camera
tube by the lens. This plate consists of thousands of light sensivite particles
which act as photoelectric cells. Each photoelectric cell gives off electrons in
the same proportion as the light falling on it. This forms an image on the
plate. The bright and dark spots form an electric current which leaves the
transmitter as carrier waves. These waves are picked up by the receiver. The TV
receiver picks up both the sound and the picture. The antenna of the TV set
picks up the weak current and passes it to a cathode ray tube which is called
the picture tube. The electron beam scans the screen of the picture tube in
exactly the same way that it scanned the target of the camera tube and a picture
is formed on TV screen. The image on the screen changes 25 times a second and,
since we can't detect individual pictures moving at this speed, we see a
continuously moving image. WHO INVENTED THE TV? Television wasn't invented by a
man. Many people helped for inventing TV. (For example German Nipkow (1884) ,
Russian Rosing (1911) , American Zworikin...) DEVELOPERS 1884àNipkow**German**
1911àRosing**Russian**-Zworikin**American** 1923-1928àBaird**English**
1923-1928àBarthelemy-Halweck**French** TV's STEPS in WORLD à NÝPKOW He made a
TV and he invented scanning disk with holes. à ROSÝNG & ZWORYKÝN They
invented first vision on screen. à BAIRD & HALWECK-BARTHELEMY Baird in
England , Halweck and Barthelemy in France transmit blur visions with
radioelectiric waves. à 1947 The visions became clear visions à 1951 Colored
TV was invented. à 1953 & 1962 Eurovision in 1953 , Mondovision in 1962
were broadcasted and TV became a important thing in world. TV's STEPS in TURKEY
à 1963 A education center for TV was builded. à 1966 A small broadcaster was
bought for Ankara and started closed broadcasting. à 1984 We started colored
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