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AMX Resources: Share Prices and Company Details Company Details Directors ID
Love ( Director, Non-executive Dir. ) MJ Palmer ( Chairman, Director,
Non-executive Dir. ) W Loxton ( Managing Director ) C Ansell ( Non-executive
Dir. ) B Camarri ( Non-executive Dir. ) With the $30,000 I had to invest I
bought 37980 shares in the company at $0.79. Then I waited and hoped that they
would go up. When the shares reached the price of $1.24 I sold them. One reason
for this was that on observing the stock exchange and some of the stocks that
rise rapidly is that after a while the stocks drop because everybody wants to
sell them before other people do and the price drops. The day after I sold the
shares in AMX Resources the price dropped $0.14 to $1.10. After that it dropped
steadily to $0.98. When it reached this point I thought I might buy them again
but I didnˇ¦t and the price didnˇ¦t rise until after our trading time had
finished. Reasons I chose to buy the shares „h Will Becker gave me a tip. (A
big reason as I donˇ¦t have much idea on the stock exchange) „h I looked
into the company and there was a bit of movement going on and so I thought it
might go up. „h I didnˇ¦t have anything else to invest in. „h It was a
mining share and so prone to extremely big changes. AMX Resources is a company
mainly involved in the gold exploration sector. The company has been around for
a while and so I thought it would be a good buy. Another thing I looked at
whilst looking for a share to buy was the year high and the year low. I suppose
in a way I was lucky that someone in our group was pretty involved in the stock
exchange. I was also lucky that the stock went up and didnˇ¦t crash. There is
not much control over the stock market and so any money that is won is either a
lot of good luck or a bit and some good management. With this share I started
with $30,000. After I sold them I had $47,095.

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