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A major transition in the modern energy age began in the 1970s, when the big
nation’s industry started to grow up rapidly. The use of oil was very
important and overnight, oil prices shot through the roof, and the trend of
ever-cheaper, ever-more-plentiful energy sources were in need. Another player on
the modern energy stage is nuclear power. An industry that didn't exist 40 years
ago is now at a huge amount of production, producing 20 percent of the nation's
electricity. Ironically, the industry is fading out. New orders ceased 20 years
ago, and as aging plants reach the end of their lives, they are closing, one by
one. All the non-renewable energy resources have positive and negative affects
to the nature. However Nuclear Energy is the most dangerous one, as we can see
what happened in Chernobyl in 1986, and it is dangerous if the nations use
Nuclear Energy to kill people like at the end of the world war. It is not a
dream to think of solar power that is cheap enough for universal use a world
full of zero-polluting electric cars. Wide-scale use of fuel cells for powering
buses and other forms of public transport. “Chicago and Vancouver are two
cities which have pilot programs using fuel cells to power some of their public
transport buses. Use of fossil fuels confined to petro-chemical products and
fuel cell feedstock. Nuclear fusion or some other advanced nuclear process,
supplying all base load power.” (Solar) Also, there is continued interest and
research into fusion power. Since fusion generates temperatures of millions of
degrees, the main difficulty in developing fusion power has been in containing
the heat of the reaction. Fusion is an expensive source of energy right now, but
it might cost much cheaper in the near future. It is not very hard to guess that
in the near future, all the energy sources will be much cheaper. The technology
is changing almost everyday, it was not possible to dream internet ten years
ago. Who can guess that what will be happen in the next ten years? But for sure
non-renewable energy resources will not be renewed when all of them are used. We
always used resources from the nature, now it is time to create our own
resources that we can keep the earth and all the organic materials clean. The
most green energy resource is solar energy right now and it is very cheap to get
heat from the sunlight.

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