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Choosing between attending a Technical College or a University after graduation
becomes a major issue. Each institution offers the opportunity to further
education and the choice of a career. However, the choice between attending a
Technical College or a University will be based on financial, personal goals and
educational opportunities. Financial assistance is available in many forms.
Grants, student loans, and work programs are offered by each institution. Grants
offered by University’s require much paperwork and in some cases complicated
forms, essays, and occasionally interviews. Applying for student loans and work
programs are usually less complicated and geared to the choice of technical
trade in the technical institute. Overall, consideration of time and money
becomes an important issue. University’s offer four year programs compared to
the two year program at a technical program. This in comparison, means more
financial responsible for the choice of a college degree. The cost of attending
a four year college rises yearly, especially with out of state students.
Technical colleges are usually local affording a student to stay at home while
attending classes. Consideration of personal goals for career will influence
choices. University’s will offer bachelor, masters, or PH degree in any field.
Technical institution offers associate degree’s in a trade or profession.
Deciding on the trade as a career may offer an earlier start in a career as time
spent in a technical college is less. However, more advanced careers are
available through University’s. Educational opportunities are endless in
either institution. By comparison either can offer much the same type of classes
University’s concentrate heavily on the liberal arts classes for those not
quite sure of there career. Technical schools concentrate on careers of trade
geared to particular jobs for example brick masonry, welding, horticultural,
etc. Each of these institutions can make a successful career choice. However
considering there differences in time, money, and choices in careers, the
individuals personal goals will determine success at either.

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