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Now the teacher will encourage the students to use recycled materials to make
something resourceful. For example, the teacher can show the class what the
teacher made. Then ask the students to take a few minutes to think about what
they would like to make. When they know what they want to make, allow the
students to come up to pick one piece of “trash” and to take the materials
they need to use. Through this activity, children will actively explore the
process of reusing materials. 3. Language Development/Questioning Strategy:
Children should be encouraged to make choices about materials they want to
reuse. New vocabulary words will be learned: reduce, reuse, recycle, and
recycling plant. While the children begin to create their useful item, ask the
students “Which of the three R’s does this activity represent?” 4.
Checking Understanding: After the children have finished making something
useful, the teacher should ask the students to write about what they made. In
order to check for understanding, have the students write about what they made,
what item they reused, and how it is useful. Then the children can list the
steps they took to make the item. 5. Transition out of the experience: As the
children finish, the teacher should encourage each person to share what they
made with the class. Each student can briefly discuss the materials used for
their object. Through this action and through positive comments, the teacher can
acknowledge the value of the children’s work. Children will begin to clean up
and the teacher will help them before moving onto the next activity. VI.
Limitations/ Precautions The teacher should make sure that the recycled
materials being used are properly cleaned and good for handling. The teacher
should also make sure that materials are equally shared.

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