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There is many meaningful personal connection that was made to a key aspects of
the play. For example the people that were accused and/or convicted of something
based on little or no evidence. This incident happened very often in this play.
The characters that were involved were John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, Abigail,
Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, Salem girls (including Rebecca, Ruth, and others),
and the Putnam family are only a few who were charged or charging others for
ridiculous things. Three of the main characters, John Proctor, Elizabeth
Proctor, and Abigail (their servant at one point) that had a tangled mess
together was over something stupid. John had an affair with Abigail when he was
married to Elizabeth. In doing this, Abigail thought that John cared for her,
but he didn’t. When Elizabeth started to notice the difference in they’re
relationship, she dismisses Abigail. In court when they questioned John about
Abigail, he says that she is a whore. And so then, they brought in Elizabeth for
questioning and she lied when John had just told the truth. She said that John
had never turned from her. So when they both lied like this, they looked foolish
and was condemned. How could people do this? You condemn those who lied? Don’t
they understand that people make mistakes? The reason for his wife lying was
only so that she could protect her husband. They had no hard evidence that he
even committed a crime, it was all word. Rebecca Nurse a lady of seventy-two was
a mother, grandmother, and wife of Francis Nurse. And during this play she
showed a kind and strong minded lady. She was respected in society and was very
respected lady in society. Goody Nurse was accused for murdering the marvelous
and supernatural murder if Goody Putnam’s babies. Which these babies where all
born dead. How can you accuse someone for miscarriage? Especially when Goody
Nurse never went close to the babies, only to help deliver them. Another lady in
this story, Sarah Good was also put in jail for something awfully funny. The
only way to save herself was to confess that sometimes she made a compact with
Lucifer, and wrote her name in his black book, with her blood, and bound to
torment Christians till God’s thrown down. In doing this she can save her
life. Which another character with a strong minded, Rebecca Nurse had too much
pride in herself to say anything that is lying. But then again those who lied
got away with it. Those died who told the truth. Then all the girls (including
Abigail, Ruth, Betty, and other girls of Salem) had done witchcraft in order to
hurt others. Do they think that if they can do a little parade around a pot that
something will happen? They also drank blood, one girl ran around naked,
pretending that she can see evil, and the others lied very well in court.
Abigail with such perfect lying and speaking abilities was able to fool the
judge and a few others in court. Saying that she and the other girls gets
haunted by the coldness of another girl. Really, she could do this only because
she knows how to reduce her temperature. And saying that she can see things that
the adults can’t see in court? It shows very clearly that she is lying.
Abigail has a way to manipulate others, and turn whatever an insult someone
gives her back onto the other person. Then she goes around pretending to be such
an innocent girl. The people in the court actually believe that young girls are
na´ve and stupid. They don’t treat young adults like they should now in
America. In this society they take all rumors has hard facts and beliefs as
facts as well. It doesn’t matter if no one saw it happen or anyone admitting
to a crime. How can the convict someone without having hard evidence? Can’t
they understand that it’s natural sometimes when babies don’t come out alive
every time? Don’t they know that not all children are honest and innocent? For
example Abigail who is 17, and already screwed a married man. I honestly think
it’s stupid to blame someone else for your own problems. Their wants is only
to destroy other people lives, is this the kind of community we should live in?
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