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These “Annex” people could live with hope by remembering all of the good
times they had together, before they had to go into hiding. They had hope
because they knew one day this would all have to end. Although the “Annex”
people were probably stronger than most other people would be, this is because
some people just can’t live knowing that there can be some people in the world
who have such hatred in them, that they would just want to see you die! The
families of Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan did this by staying
together as a family and of all the things going on outside, still being able to
be happy and have some fun in the Annex. It was a very hard accomplishment for
them, but they did it for their family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank had to be strong to
show Anne and Margot that they still had faith and hope. This was as well for
Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and for Peter. After all they’ve gone through, they
weren’t about to give up just right there. These two families were very
faithful. They strongly believed in their Jewish religion. This is another main
reason they still had hope. They believed in God and knew that he was watching
over them, and he would take care of them. As each day went by, the families
hope grew, they knew that they were one day stronger and they survived one more
day. They thanked God for this. These families found out the true meaning of
life, how precious life was. With all of the violence outside and the people
dying it was hard for them to have hope. Yes they were afraid, who wouldn’t
be. These Germans were waiting to kill them. If someone was waiting to kill you,
you would be terrified! This was the way they felt, and above all this they
still had hope! The two families of “Annex” people can still live with hope,
because the world has some peace inside of it. They see the world as a beautiful
place that is unfortunately being shattered in the wrong way with the Germans.
They have hope because they know that inside of each and every German man there
lives a place in there heart where they all want to live in a world that has
peace over every city and countryside. This is inside everybody’s hearts, we
just wish we could imagine it that way. Mr. Kraler and Miep gave both families
hope. This gave the two families a chance to realize that some people in the
world that they live in do care for the Jews. Mr. Kraler and Miep were two very
generous people, who took their time wisely and devoted it to people who needed
help the most! For my conclusion to as why these two families had hope or could
have hope was because... they were desperate and scared. They needed to have
hope, for if they didn’t they would be depressed. This was a time when all had
gone wrong and people had gone mad. It was a time where all Jews had lost
everything and all they had inside of them was hope. Hope that one day this
would all end and that they could live in peace. This was all the Jews really
ever wanted, they wanted to live in peace. They never did hurt a soul, they were
just living the life that God gave them. And all they could do was hope, hope
that one day this would all end.
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