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Jennifer Lopez was born in the Bronx, New York on July 20, 1970. She is the
daughter of a computer specialist Kindergarten teacher. Lopez always knew se
wanted to be a performer. She started her showbiz career by appearing in the
chorus of dancer, singer and choreographer Hinton Battle’s Synchrocinicity
musical in Japan. Jennifer Lopez got her shot at acting in Connie Kaiserman’s
My Little Girl where she perform a little part as Myra. She was selected as one
of choreographer Rosie Perez’s fly girls after she won a national competition
of about 2,000 contestants. Lopez whose hip-hop dance numbers commanded a loyal
audience in Fox’s in living color, parlayed her new visibility into roles on
various T.V series and movies. In Living Colors was the first step for Lopez.
Lopez was still living in New York and had to move to L.A. Lopez followed the
shows producer Keenan Ivory Wayans “You’ll have more money and more
experience” advise to stick with the show. While she was shaking her booty
during commercial on Living Color, one of her co-workers whose husband was
writing and producing South Central for Fox suggested her for a part. Lopez was
seen as a recurring character here. The show was practically over before it
started. Melinda Lopez character which Lopez portrayed in CBS second chance
co-starring Connie Selleca and Megan Fallows was so popular that it was
continued on Aaron Spelling series Malibu Road. She refused the development deal
which was offered by CBS because she wanted a film career. Lopez introduced her
talent to top film-makers with the movie Mi Famillia. Following this movie she
jumped on Joseph Ruben’s Money Train. Although, senator Bob Dole urged
Americans to boycott the film and the co-stars Woody Harrison and Wesley Snipes
were trashed by critics. Lopez left the train with victory where she got on as
“Grace Santiago”. Later on Lopez co-starred as Robin Williams latina teacher
in the movie Jack. Despite having previously worked in Mi Famillia, Gregory Nava
asked Lopez to audition as a part of nationwide search in Selena. No stranger to
the pressures of audition the former dancer came in, nailed her mark and won the
role. Jennifer Lopez thrust into spot light with her performance in this movie
and increased her Hollywood stock considerably. The film succeeded despite some
grumbly in the Mexican-American community that Lopez was of Puerto Rican decent.
5’6” Lopez who has a yen for pizzazz from childhood has made a terrific
start as star-crossed Selena with donning plenty of sequins and spandex. Selena
marked a new beginning for Lopez in more than just career terms. In the wrap
party of the movie In San Antonio, Lopez’s boyfriend Ojani Noa took the
microphone and proposed on the dance floor. The couple married in early 1997.
Lopez found out for sure that she had achieved stardom when false rumors of her
divorce where printed in mainstream newspapers after only two months of
marriage. But, they divorced after a year in fact. Jennifer Lopez ranked 16th on
the People Magazine’s 1997’s 50 most beautiful people list. Lopez ended Jim
Carrey’s Liar Liar’s spring box office sovereignty with her movie Anaconda.
She revisited the same genie in the fall where she appeared opposite Sean Penn
in Oliver Stones U-Turn.. Lopez beat out a bevy of A-list actresses to land a
role in Out of Sight. Lopez who had signed a lucrative deal with Sony music
after an intense bidding war will be next seen in Ants.
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