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Jennifer Lopez was born in the Bronx, New York on July 24, 1970. She was born in
the United States to Puerto Rican Parents, Jennifer considers herself to be a
Puerto Rican and she is very proud of her Hispanic heritage and culture. Her
father is David Lopez, a computer specialist, and her mother Guadalupe Lopez, a
Kindergarten teacher. Her parents recognized Jennifer’s talent and enthusiasm
for performing and at the age of five the enrolled her in dance classes. Her
mother said “Jennifer always loved to sing, but she was also a great actress
and knew that she would have a bright future ahead of her.” With the support
of her parents Jennifer grew up to be a very sensible girl, who is still very
close to her family. When Jennifer earned her million-dollar paycheck for
playing the role in the movie Selena, she bought her mom a Cadillac. Even though
they saw Jennifer’s talent at the age of five, their relationship was not
always understandable. Jennifer made a major decision and that was not to go to
College. That decision was very disappointing to her parents who wanted her to
go to law school. Her parents supported her pursuit of a career in show
business, they did not wanted to be in the expense of her education. When
Jennifer told her parents that she was not going to College and law school, they
thought it was really stupid to go off and try to be a movie star. Her parents
who at that time could not understand the choices she made are very happy for
their daughter and what she has accomplish. When she left her home at the middle
of a fight and never went back. She said,” I had to make my own way” and
then lived in a Manhattan dance studio where she was training. Then she got an
apartment with some friends in Manhattan Hell’s Kitchen. Since the time she
move out of her home she started her showbiz career as a dancer in stage
musicals and most notably in her tour to Golden musicals of Broadway and in a
Japanese tour. Then she audition to be a fly girl in Fox’s hit comedy “In
living Colors,” she beat out 2,000 other contenders in a nation wide
competition. Then she cracked into Hollywood and she wanted to make a transition
to acting, but she followed Color producer Keenan Ivory Wayans advice to stay
with the show for a while before making any attempt to move on. After a couple
of seasons spent in Living Colors, Jennifer got her shot at acting when a
co-worker, whose husband was writing and producing a pilot called South Central
for Fox, suggested her for the part. Jennifer brought her television career to
an end in 1993, with the role as a heroic Nurses on the line: The crash of
Flight 7; the siren call of the big screen could not be put on hold for any
longer. In 1995, Jennifer appears in Gregory Nava’s critically acclaimed Mi
Familia, a film that introduced the actress’s talent to top film makers. In
1996, she beat out Ashley Judd and Lauren Holly for the supporting role of Robin
Williams’s teacher in the Francis Ford comedy Jack. The movie was embarrassing
for Jennifer but she was still hot and from there she started in “Money
Train” and then Smelling like roses.” In 1997 at a wrap party for the film
in San Antonio, Jennifer Boyfriend, Ojani Noa, took the microphone and propose
to her on the dance floor. Then after one year the couple got divorce. But then
in People Magazine Lopez was named one of the Fifty Most Beautiful people for
1997. 1997 was a good year for Jennifer Lopez she started Blood and Wine, and
Oliver Stone’s U-Turn and she beat out a bevy of a A-list actresses to the
land the female lead in Steven Soderbergh’s steany 1998 crime film Out of
Sight. Then she got ant-imated, in the Dreamworks tale Antz. Lopez now has a
brand new project, a music album and with the success of the movie Selena, it
gave her inspiration to make a music album. Her album went number one and this
will probably start her second success story. Life has not been easy for
Jennifer because she had to work hard to make her dream come true. Her
philosophy is that there is only one way to get where you wanted to go and those
is being aggressive and persistent and believe you could do anything you wanted
to do and competing with the best. In the end hard work truly pays off and one
example is how Jennifer made her dream come true. Once Jennifer said that
she’s the best, maybe somewhat arrogant but who can fault her for feeling this
way. Jennifer has accomplished a lot and she open doors for other people who
want to go into show business.

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