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The flag is colored green, white and orange, which the green stripe stands for
those of the native Irish descents, the orange stripe represents the descendants
of 17th Century British Colonists and the white stripe is for the hope and peace
between the two groups. The brown form is drawn in the shape of the country
Ireland and the brown represents the hills and mountains. I chose to drawn the
puffin bird, because it is the national bird of Ireland. It is a black bird with
a white breast and a multi-colored beak, it is found nesting along the rocky
ledges of Ireland. The scenic picture shows the peacefulness of the land with a
symbolic house and the beautiful blue rivers that Ireland is known for. The
final symbol is the leprechaun with his gold. Ireland is known as the "Land
of the Leprechaun" and that is the reason the fairy tales began there.
Geography Ireland is an island located in the western North Atlantic Ocean, the
area covers 27,136 square miles and its population is estimated at 3,500,000.
The bordering countries are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is smaller
than Scotland and made up of smaller islands off the coast. There are many
hills, plateaus, mountains, plains and lowlands. The lowlands and plains are
mainly covered with farms, pastures and old lakes form peat bogs. Climate
Ireland is known for its rainy weather and it can rain for most of the year in
some parts of the country. Due to the position of Ireland off the sea, the
average temperature in the summer is cool, while the winter is mild. The weather
in Ireland is milder than other countries. Snow falls only on a few days in
winter and melts very quickly, because of the North Atlantic current. The
coldest temperature averages 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest month is
July with a temperature averaging at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Ireland’s
dampness, fog and rain make the country lush and green. Resources, Industry and
Products Ireland has recently discovered zinc and copper, which had opened up
new mining resources. The country has few mineral resources such as iron,
barites, lead and silver. There are some gypsum, marble, limestone, flagstone
and slate also found. The government has invested in some oil refining,
shipbuilding, and manufactures fertilizers. Sugar beets are grown locally and
the sugar industry has developed because of the crop. Other crops they grow are
oats, potatoes, barley, wheat and turnips. Other industries and products include
bread, biscuits, textiles, clothing, whisky, metal products, paper and paper
products. The chief exports are livestock, foodstuffs, beverages, tobacco and
clothing. Tourism and travel have also contributed to the economy. The Irish
economy has been based on agriculture, but in recent years many new industries
have been developed. People, Religion and Race The population is over 3.6
million and the highest percent of people are Roman Catholic with a small amount
of the people belonging to the Anglican Church. The rest are various Christian
and Non-Christian beliefs. Religion is a very important role in their cultural
and political history. The Constitution of Ireland guarantees freedom of worship
to all religions. The people are usually Celts, but there are Norse, French
Normans, Scots and English in the country as well. Many people are returning to
Ireland from the United States or the U.K. to secure employment. The Irish are
easygoing, lighthearted, good-humored, polite and cheerful. Interesting Facts
The official name of the country is Ireland and called Eire in Gaelic and often
called the Emerald Isle. The capital city is Dublin and the national anthem is
“The Soldier’s Song”. The Irish are very sports oriented and the two
national pastimes are football and hurling (soccer-type with wooden sticks and
small leather ball). Rugby, sailing, cycling, golf, and horse racing are also
favorite activities. Ireland has a strong tradition for music and song
originating back thousands of years. Reaction Since my ancestors are from
Ireland on my Dads side, it is very interesting to write on my culture,
nationality and their background. I find it to be exciting and informative to
learn about the country. It is known to be a land of fairy tales, music, dance,
song, beautiful clothes and silver jewelry, which I love. My name “Brianna”
means strong and brave in Irish and I am very proud to be named that. I would
love to visit my country and see the old and ancient castles where my ancestors
grew up and lived. I wonder what they looked like and what they did all day.
Three things that everyone should remember are: 1. Ireland is the land of
leprechauns, gold, fairy tales, castles where many stories have been told. 2.
Ireland should be remembered for its songs, dance and for the beautiful and
peaceful country. Irish people are very traditional with their religious beliefs
and regretfully they will be remembered, for all the fighting over the years for

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