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The two former presidents Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolige were alike in
some ways and different in others. President Harding was a news paper owner from
Ohio. He was chosen as the Rep. candidate after serving as an Ohio senator.
Calvin Coolige was the Vice-president at the time of Warren Harding's death.
Coolige fished the rest of Harding's term and then was re-elected. President
Coolige followed Harding's policies when finishing his term, but after
re-election he began to make some of his own. Harding focused on trying to
settle the nation back into peace. He tried to ensure this peace by making
treaties and disarmament acts. Harding also tried to lower taxes, take care of
war veterans, protect farmers, and collect wartime debts owed to the U.S. .
However Harding was not prepared to face the huge problems of the presidency. He
made the mistake of appointing some of his Ohio friends to high ranking
positions. The men he appointed were involved in many scandals and money
stealing. Calvin Coolige like Harding was an admirer of American business. They
both believed that business should mainly be left alone without government
interference. Coolige especially believed business would be less profitable with
more regulation. He also believed, unlike Harding, that nothing could be done to
help the U.S. farmers. Coolige vetoed many bills designed to help farmers, like
the McNary-Haugen bill, by saying "Farmers have never made much money and I
don't believe we can do much about it" . These two presidents were also
very different when it came to their personalities. Harding was laid back and
likable, always playing cards with his friends and smoking cigars. Coolige, on
the other hand, was very quite plain and thrifty. He said very little, earning
him the nickname "Silent Cal." These two presidents were more
different than alike. They shared only a few views and had very different

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