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I believe that the death penalty is the best and fairest punishment for people
who have taken other people’s lives. Here are some interesting facts about the
death penalty. Did you know that 70% of all Americans support the death penalty?
Murder rates have also been down since the death penalty was reinforced.And
rehab techniques are so underdeveloped that no one is ever certain that a
murderer can be rehabilitated. First of all, if someone has taken someone
else’s life, in most cases their life should be taken also. If a person is so
imcompassionate for human beings and just doesn’t care what happens to anyone;
if they are sick enough to take the life of someone else, their life should be
taken also. Second of all, would you rather pay for someone to be in prison for
life in an environment that is most likely better than where they were if they
weren’t there? You can argue that capital punishment costs more tax dollars.
However, would you rather pay for someone who has brutally taken the life of
someone else to die than have them stay in a prison that is nicer than where
they would be on the street if they weren’t in prison? For example, Consider
crime as a career alternative. It is, you know. Granted it's not a viable
alternative for me or you. The consequences of being caught would be far too
great -- we have too much to lose. But consider, of all the things we're not
willing to risk sacrificing, there are lots and lots of people who don'thave
those things. For someone in that position, consider the advantages: No
education requirements. No previous experience needed. No startup capital
required in most cases, and minimal capital required in any case. Flexible work
hours. Be your own boss. Medical and retirement plans provided free by the
government. Low risk. Low risk? Well, yes. The odds of being apprehended at all
are very low, and even if you are arrested you'll get free legal assistance And
plus, prisons are becoming more and more crowded. The government’s solution to
overcrowded prisons is to spend billions of tax dollars to make more of them.
This is a lot more than it is going to cost the government to execute someone.
Next, since most inmates receive parole when they have life in prison for
killing someone, the murderer is back on the street in 20-40 years. Would you
want them back out there killing more innocent people? Since the prisons are
becoming more and more crowded, people in the prisons are more likely to be let
out earlier to make room for more prisoners, putting the original murderers back
out on the streets Lastly, and I believe, most importantly, what if someone were
to brutally murder one of your family members. Wouldn’t you want the murderer
to die? Why would you want them still in a jail, knowing that he is receiving
ample amounts of food and still living his life after killing someone so close
to you? Most people who are against the death penalty argue that it is cruel and
unusual punishment. What they don’t think about is what the murderer did was
also cruel and unusual. You can also argue that the death penalty is not
biblically right, but I believe God was addressing the legal community in
Leviticus 24:7 when he says, “And he that killeth any man shall surely be put
to death,” and in Numbers 35:31 when he says, “Ye shall take no satisfaction
or ransom for the life of a murderer which is guilty of death:but shall surely
be put to death.” Men have never ceased to kill their own kind. They have
killed in war, in anger out of envy or gain, and have enacted laws authorizing
them to kill those who violate God’s laws. In doing these things, they have
violated God’s law which forbids the killing of all men. The solution to the
question of “is the death penalty morally right?” is YES. For someone who
has murdered someone else, the death penalty, in many cases, is the solution. We
do not need these murderers living in our world any longer. It’s simple: the
death penalty is the best solution to people who have brutally taken the lives
of others. Why would you want someone who has killed another person: -to be back
on the streets in 20-40 years killing others? -if the person who they have
killed is a member of your family, the murderer only get life in prison? -to be
supported by your tax dollars in a prison with substantial food and recreational
facilities? Let’s have the US continue to support the death penalty.
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