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Literature: Anton Chekhov

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In the two stories we meet two people that were in love with each other. Their
love is so strong that it makes both of them wonder about their relationship and
their life. Their love was adultery, but to the reader it was the perfect love
and attraction that you wish to have when you find your love. The big difference
between Chekhov story and Oates story is that one is from a male view and Oates
from a female view. I like Chekhov story because Anne’s is a pretty lady with
dignity and proud. Anna in Oates story is not a strong woman. She talks a bout
suicide and murder. Its Seems that it’s not the same women we knew from
Chekhov story. When Gurov saw her the first time he just saw a woman, a new
person in the city with a dog. But “One evening while he was dining in the
public garden the lady in the beret walked up without haste to take the next
table. Her expression, her gait, her dress, and the way she did her hair told
him that she belong to upper class”. He felt eager to know her, to have sex
with her without knowing her name. He did not love her then, but after a few
days he could not forget her. She was in his mind all the time. Gurov did not
like his wife and was unfaithful to her for a long time. When he meet Anna, I
felt, she was the woman that he was looking for in his life. Anna is trapped
between two men. One that make her feel like nothing and the other one that make
her feel a live. Anna loves her husband but not in the same passion that she
loves Gurov. Anna and Gurov Found love and passion in each other arms and feel
like a husband and wife, both of them tried to let it go but they can not. Gurov
himself tried to understand their relationship but he stop, “ he wanted to be
sincere and tender.” She constantly questions his ability to respect her and
love her. I don’t know if she is not sure or just want to hear it again and
again. At the end of the story both, Gurov and Anna, understood; “and it was
clear to both of them that the end was still far off, and what was to be most
complicated and difficult for them was only just beginning.” After a long time
of being together and trying not to see each other they knew that their love is
very strong and forever. I did not like Oates story becouse she makes Anna look
like simple women with out respect for her, a woman insane with love. Chekhov
tells his story from eyes of a man looking at a beautiful woman, Smart, with a
soft voice. He makes her so perfect that you forget that their love was innocent
but sinful.
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