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The epic poem Beowulf tells of an evil, mysterious, and ravishing creature named
Grendel. Although no precise concrete descriptions or visual references were
given to me throughout the story, I was able to formulate my own personal
opinion of what this horrifying beast may have looked like. The amoral,
despised, and feared Grendel was a colossal, muscular beast capable of ripping
any human man to shreds. His razor sharp teeth and pointy horns were ideal for
tearing and gnawing unsuspecting inebriated men that slept through the night in
Herot Hall. His muscular build, extensive thorny tail, and mammoth size were
also key factors that struck fear in the hearts of anyone who had heard about or
saw this vile creature. After a long and worrisome night, the awaking Hrothgar,
king of the Danes, would more than likely be greeted with the remnants of Danish
warriors that had spent their last night in glittering, golden towers of Herot
Hall. Grendel, pleased with his midnight feeding, would have already retreated
back to the moor under the misty hills from which the savage beast had come.
Grendel lived with his mother in an cave under a mucky, sickening, horrifying
swamp. As I have depicted in my drawing, the towering beast has awoken from his
slumber and is preparing to step into the murky waters of the swamp to begin his
perilous journey to the surface. Once he arrived at the top, the blood thirsty
walker of darkness would again be on his way to indulging in more human flesh.
This gruesome immoral act took place for more than 12 long years, until
ultimately one night Grendel encountered his inevitable fate when he was
confronted by the eminent warrior Beowulf!
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