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My Dearest Cousin, I write to you now in great fear. Things that haunt my every
waking moment, and fill every unconscienceness with trepidation. Such coil that
hath wrapped around every man, woman, and child at King Hrothgarís court,
utter horror. It was only two nights ago that my comrades and I were having a
fabulous feast in the Hart. The great Mead Hall of the ring-giver, King Hrothgar.
Men stumbled about like mules, reeking of sweet mead. Having returned from a
battle we filled our bellies with good food, and our hearts with the stories of
the scop. The harp singing along with his praise. It had been a successful
battle, so we were high in spirits. As the hours drew unholy, we began to
prepare ourselves for slumber. Every man full and content, found places to call
their own. Little corners belonging to big men. We curled into our small dens,
with our minds wandering. I found myself stumbling a bit trying, as I had a
little to drink that night. I chose a place under one of the wooden benches in
the corner, wrapping my blanket around me, I then lay my heavy head to the
wooden floor. Men all around me settled into their dreams, yet I had an
uneasiness in my stomach. Something unholy filled the air with itís wretched
scent. Yet at the time, I believed it only to be the mead, settling down in my
belly. I began to think of our victory, and the glory we had won for our great
King. The treasures and glory surrounding our king and court would be forever
infinite, so long as we warriors proved brave, and loyal. In these thoughts I
found myself growing weary. And soon I fell into slumber, unaware of the horrors
that would come. I opened my eyes slowly, my vision blurred, and I rubbed them
fiercely. Looking around the dark hall, I heard a small scratching. I began to
look around at the other men, all sleeping, unaware of the sound. I raised my
head to see what creature made such a scuff. I looked through the shadows, to
spy a dark, large creature raising itís head to the sky. Within itís
clutches it held one of our own men! The man grappled against the demon, only to
have his throat pierced, blood spewing down to the floor. I gazed in horror upon
the bloody site. I moved my body not, as such a motion may have caught the
monsterís attention. The demon ripped men away from their beds, tearing their
throats one by one. The floor was soaked in warriorsí blood, I held my stomach
as the rankness filled my lungs. The monster moved in and out of the Hart,
dragging menís corpses with him. And even sometimes, those still alive writhed
in pain as the creature clutched onto their skin, piercing it with itís bloody
claws. My heart beat at a fierce rate, praying to God that I wouldnít be next
to feel that strike of claws in my side. I closed my eyes tightly, remaining
silent, waiting for death. Soon, the creature took up one last man into his
clutches, dashing out of the hall, creeping into the night once again. The
world-candle lit up the sky, and the light of the sun beamed into the hall. The
other men awoke, three others knowing of the attack. The remainder of us, gaped
at the sight of blood and gore before us. The looks upon these grown menís
faces, would have twisted the very mountains! To be unaware of a demon creeping
about around their warm, blood filled bodies, and to not have been taken? The
other three spectators and myself shared our visions of horror. We concluded
that thirty of King Hrothgarís men had been slain! We met with the King to
discuss what measures would be taken to rid our land of this beast. Now, we can
only hope that this will be possible, and that this creature, this evil demon
craving menís blood, shall be destroyed. My cousin, pray for us, we are all in
Godís hands now.
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