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Some Things Change But Most Remain the Same Masculine values have both changed
and remained constant since the writing of Beowulf. The values that Beowulf and
the other male characters in the epic put different things such as fast horses,
weaponry, and many other things has remained constant throughout time. Though
some of their values such as adorning themselves with jewelry has become less of
a value for most all the values that men had in that time has remained constant.
Beowulf and the other men in the epic put great value on things such as fast
horses, weaponry, travel, strong ships, jewelry, and grand estates. All of these
things were a large part of their society. Having fast horses allowed them to
travel across land at great speed. Good weaponry protected them and made them
feel secure. They were seafaring men so they loved travel and going to new lands
for more adventure. Strong ships helped them travel further. It was important in
that time to have jewelry and property to show how great of a warrior you were.
Most of these values have remained constant in some form in modern times. Modern
men put value on many of the same things that men in Beowulf's time did, but for
different reasons. Modern men still like to travel fast, but not with horses.
Today modern men use cars and motorcycle in the same way that man of Beowulf's
time used horses. Men today still like to have weaponry for self-protection.
Only today we use firearms more than blades. Men still love to travel and go on
adventures much like men did in Beowulf's time. Men still like sailing on ships
only we don't use ships to travel further any more it is more for recreational
purposes. Modern men still love grand estates mostly for the same reason as men
in Beowulf's time did to show how successful you are. One value that men of
Beowulf's time had that men of this time do not put a large value on is jewelry.
Men of Beowulf's time adorned themselves with grand and beautiful gold and
silver jewelry but the most jewelry that modern man wears is a watch and
wedding, engagement, or a class ring. Modern men do not adorn themselves with
elaborate jewelry like men of Beowulf's time. In conclusion most of the values
that men put on things in Beowulf's time are the same values that modern men
have. Even though modern men and men of Beowulf's time are separated by a over a
thousand years values of men have remained the same for the simple reason that
both modern men and men of Beowulf's time like to have fun and go on great
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