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Based on viewing the movie Animal Farm and reading the novel of the same I have
come to a base of centered agreements. I know that both of these stories differ
dramatically in many ways and also the themes of each I believe are totally
unlike one another. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm and I believe that this man
purposes the same basic ideas as the movie as well as the novel even though he
didn’t write the screenplay for the movie. The main theme of the movie is
highly more creative and more decisive. In the beginning the animals want
nothing to do with humans nor do they try to be anything like them. They keep
this principle in mind throughout the book but with some minor cracks along the
way somehow this world without humans seems to be unbearable. At the end the
animals find that somehow after all that has happened they too have been
baptized with some of the human characteristics and act more and more like them
in ways. I believe that the theme of the movie is that no matter how hard you
try to change someone whether it is yourself, a fellow companion, or a stranger
they will always bear the characteristics they had in the beginning. The theme
of the novel is a bit more pessimistic than the audiovisual film. In the book we
have the same basic idea of the animals not wanting to be anything like these
humans but in the end a part of them corrupts causing a chain reaction. I think
the theme of the novel is if you are trying to change society or the environment
around you or even someone else you should not forget about the rest of us and
concentrate what is going to improve what you have control over. But also
don’t forget about what your opinions are and what you can do to help not only
yourself but others too. I think both the film and the novel have the same basic
idea that the author and screenwriter is trying to get across to the viewers and
readers. I think the point they are trying to get others to think about is that
corruption happens to everyone. Some people do crazy things because they let
certain things go to their head without thinking of the cause and effect it will
take on everyone that has to deal with them. Power is the most brainwashing
aspect of life. Someone with lots of power may do a good job at doing what they
do but they do not have the absolute power to make everyone satisfied. In
conclusion I believe these two different research projects have totally
different themes but have one main idea that Orwell is trying to get the readers
and viewers to see and decide for them selves.
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