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One character in the play is Bene*censored* and he is expressed in an
interesting way. Bene*censored* is a character that not only deceives other
characters in the play, but most of all he deceives himself. Bene*censored*’s
deceiving ways derive him to be a hypocritical character; this phenomenon makes
his role compellingly intriguing in the play “Much Ado About Nothing”. Bene*censored*
has a unique view toward love, he wants no part in giving or receiving love. He
has a simple way to live, “I will live a bachelor” (Shakespeare I .i.176),
he first chooses not to get involved in the love scheme. Bene*censored* has
strong hold on that feeling and what’s to keep it that way. Encounters with a
character known as Beatrice prove this to be true. Everytime these characters
see one another arguments are endless, and put downs are fired back and forth.
In fact Bene*censored* tells her “...I would I could find in my heart that had
not a hard heart, for truly I love none” (I.i.92), his one way view is
expressed to confirm his stubborn ways of love. The bickering between these two
make it obvious that there is a hidden-love, which has potential. All the while
Bene*censored* is making clear that he will not fall to love and nothing will
change his view. The deception will come from his view that is extremely well
grounded. Another instance where Bene*censored*’s deceiving way are used is
later in the play. This time Bene*censored* is the deceived instead of the
deceiver. This is where Bene*censored* becomes a hypocrite. Deception still is
taking place, just in different ways. Close friends of Bene*censored* known that
Bene*censored* is listening to their conversation, and they say how Beatrice and
is in love with him and he should go for this. Playing with his mind they say
“Shall we go seek Bene*censored*, and tell him of her love?” (III.i.154),
they known that Bene*censored* is listening so they don’t have to tell him.
Bene*censored* starts to believe that this is true and his feelings suddenly
change. Thus making him a hypocrite to all those people that he told his
original view of love. Bene*censored*’s deceiving ways counter against him in
this case. The hidden love between the two is now present. Bene*censored* with
the change of view towards love is now ready to do anything for Beatrice. Being
once a man that would remain a bachelor forever and now he is at the foot of a
women telling her he will do anything because he loves her so much. Bene*censored*
is truly a hypocrite. Beatrice asks Bene*censored* to kill another man just
because that man didn’t marry her friend. Bene*censored* is willing to do it
but he doesn’t have to do1. Bene*censored* has a definite change of feelings
and it is all from his deceiving ways. Bene*censored* becomes a hypocrite by the
end of the play, through his deceiving ways. Bene*censored* stresses that he is
“anit-love” and doesn’t ever what to be one of those guys who falls in
love. Bene*censored* just as every man has a reputation to uphold of being
strong and needless of affection. In the beginning of the play when Bene*censored*
first is introduced., he has these attitude where he is high on himself. We can
see this when Bene*censored* has his first chat with Beatrice. Bene*censored*
hasThe character Ben*censored* relates a lot to real life, especially in the
twenty-century. This kind of thing happens all the time. People change feelings
all the time. People also have deceiving ways in the twenty-century, although
these ways can be a little more dangerous with people today. The human nature is
exactly like what would be in real life.Likewise to Bene*censored* people end up
saying something and then totally doing the opposite. It happens to everyone. In
conclusion, Bene*censored* used deception for him and used it against him. In
conclusion, his deceiving ways lead him to become a hypocrite. He was once the
man who would not dare to adventure into love, but now has gone in full force.
The significant meaning that is produced here is one that will never be
forgotten. Bene*censored* should of probably not have said anything in the first
place. He didn’t know what was going to happen. The art of deception took
over. the deceiving ways of Bene*censored* add up and in the end make him a
hypocrite. Bene*censored* is hypocrite because he says one thing and totally
goes against it by doing the opposite. He is no longer a bachelor, he falls head
over heels in love with Beatrice. Something that was unthought of in his eyes,
is now what he thinks about and his main concern at the end of the play.
Ultimately his view changed, thus he is hypocrite.
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