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When I first arrived I found this province miserably harassed with a most
Horrible witchcraft, which had, broke in upon several Towns. A fair amount of
poor people were given preternatural torture; some Burned with brimstone, some
had pins stuck in their flesh, others hurried into the fire and water, and some
were dragged out of their houses, and carried over the tops of trees and hills
for many Miles together. The loud cried and a commotion of the friends of the
afflicted people with the advice of the Deputy, and many others supported me to
give a Commission for discovering what witchcraft might be at the bottom, or
whether it was not a possession. When the Court came to sit at Salem they
convicted more than twenty persons of being guilty of witchcraft, some of the
convicted confessed their Guilt. The Court, as I understand, began their
proceedings with the accusations of the afflicted and then went upon other
humane evidences to strengthen that. I was questioning myself if the judgement
of the Court has the right to proceed in cases of Witchcraft. Yet when I came
home I found many persons in a strange uproar of dissatisfaction, which was
increased by some hot Spirits that blew up the flame. When on inquiring into the
matter, I found that the name and shape of several persons were doubtless,
innocent, and to my knowledge, of good reputation. The committing of any more
that shall be accused, and those that have been committed, I would shelter from
any Proceedings against them. Where there may be the least suspicion of any
wrong to be done unto the Innocent. I have also put a stop to the printing of
any writing that may increase the needless disputes of people. I felt that if
this continued I saw a likelihood of kindling an inextinguishable flame. I
hereby declare that as soon as I came from fighting against their Majesties
Enemies, and understood what danger some of their innocent subjects might be
exposed to, the evidence of the afflicted persons only prevailed either to the
committing or trying of any of them. I am requesting to put a stop to the
proceedings of the court. Sir, I beg pardon for giving you all this trouble. The
reason is because I know my enemies are seeking to turn on me. I depend upon
your friendship and desire that you will please give a true understanding of the
matter. I am with all imaginable respect Your most humble Servant Kristi Jones.

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