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Giles Corey, Rebecca Nurse, and John Proctor all have something in common which
endanger them when the witch-hunt begins. The play, The Crucible, by Arthur
Miller is a portrayal of the Salem witch trials. In the play there are three
characters, Giles, Rebecca, and John all die at the end. These three people all
have something in common which endangers them during the witch-hunt and later
leads to their death. The one thing that these three people have in common is
that they are all full of pride. One of these people is Giles Corey. In the play
he is killed for two different things. One thing was that he would not give
Danforth the name of the person who told him that Thomas Putnam was trying to
get rid of the people in the town so that he could buy their land when they were
gone. This is what originally got him arrested. Later they charged him as a
witch and he would not answer his indictment. Because he didn’t answer his
indictment they could not charge him with being a witch. Therefore, he saved his
name and his pride. Another person who has the same thing in common with Giles
is Rebecca. Throughout the play there are time where she shows the reader these
qualities. When she is faced with something she will always follow her religion.
Never will she go against her religion even if it means to save her life. An
example from the book is when she is in court and in jail Hale is begging with
her to confess. She will not confess and she is later hung. Because of her
stubbornness or pride she lost her life. Another person is John proctor who also
his pride gets in the way of his decision making. One reason, which goes along
with most of the people, was that he did not confess in the court. Later in the
story, however, he does decide to confess. He signs the papers and everything.
He is fine with this until he finds out that the signed confession will be
posted on the door of the church. When he finds this out he then rips up the
paper and does not confess. He is also hung for this and all because he wanted
to save his name. In The Crucible many people were falsely accused and murdered
for no reason. These three people could have prevented their own death if it
were not for their pride. All they had to do was confess and spend some time in
jail and that would be it. Because they wanted to save their names and pride
they all ended up killing themselves.
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