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Ch2. Nick describes his journey back to the West Egg from Daisy and Tom's
Home...A worthy mention is our introduction to the advertisement billboard of
Dr. T. J. Eckleburg and it's imposing eyes which "brood over the solemn
dumping ground." Upon this "ash road" lives Tom Buchanan's
mistress...Myrtyle. Myrtyle and her husband live at her husbands place of
work...a mechanic's garage.....Tom Buchanan previously made great efforts to get
Nick to "see his girl." Wilson is interested in purchasing Toms
car....There home is rather drab and does not seem to be fitting to a person as
extravagant as Myrtyle...Myrtyle even dresses extravengently in her
"home." Myrtlye is a dashing person with noticeable features of which
include her partyish clothes and demeanor.She totally ignores her husband,Wilson,
upon here meeting with Tom and Nick and walks directly towards Tom in greeting.
She also is aggressive over Wilson as we are hinted when she orders him rather
rudely to get some chairs for her guests. Tom arranges for him and Myrtyle to
meet later unbeknownst to her they set off towards New York...we
are given glimpses of the fussiness of Myrytle: She was extravenegent in
purchasing goods at the train terminal....she waited and let three taxis go by
until she found a fitting lavender colored taxi...she purchased a puppy for the
fun of it. ThereafterTom and Myrtyle invite Nick into their rented apartment
party much to his disagreement....he still however attends. Myrytyle's sister
Catherine comes over..She too like Myrtyle is extravagant in her dress. Many
others attended the party. Catherine shows her inquisitive side when she points
out to Nick...the state of Myrtyle's and Tom's married lives....: "Neither
of them can stand the person they're married to." Catherine believes that
Tom and Myrtyle should both divorce their present spouses and marry one another.
Catherine also tells us that she frequents Gatsby's parties....this gains Nick's
attention...he also here's the rumor that Gatsby is the nephew or cousin of
Kaiser Wilheim. Catherine also retorts that Daisy's religion of Catholic is the
barrier in divorce for Tom...this Nick knows is an utter lie since Daisy is not
Catholic. The get together continues with gossip of Wilson lowerness and
undeservingness of having Myrtyle as a wife...this comes from Myrtyle herself
thus reinforcing her dislike towards her spouse for us. Tom and Myrtyle get into
an argument over whether or not Tom should mention Daisy's this tiff
Myrtyle gets her nose broken by Tom showing us that Tom's violent behavior
focused on Daisy is not all that focused on Daisy alone! Ch3. The Chapter opens
with a party going on at Gatsby's mansion. We are told that on every Friday,
supplies and help arrive at the Gatsby mansion in preparation for another of his
parties. In Nick's description of this state of affairs I notice a hint of envy
in his voice. Also Nick seems to feel a bit left out of these parties especially
since he lives right next door to Gatsby. Many of those who attended Gatsby's
parties invited themselves and Nick was decent enough only to attend once an
invitation had been sent to him. Gatsby himself never attended his "little
parties," but as later found out, he preferred to overlook the chaos from a
high room atop his mansion. The parties in their content were very rude, bizarre
and exciting...Guests varied in demeanor and type and made a mosaic of to be in attendance at this particular party was Jordan Baker,
the Golf Champion. Nick attaches himself to Jordan due to his loneliness at the
party. Jordan helps Nick meet a few other persons and the converse over their
mysterious host....this is where we learn of Gatsby's solitude at his parties.
Nick engages in a conversation with a man who he doesn't know is Gastby....he
later finds out his identity when confusion rankles in their conversation...this
marks their first meeting...Both Nick and Gatsby get along fine. Later, Jordan
is called in for a personal conversation with Gatsby...In this conversation,
they probably discuss Nick and Daisy being relatives and Daisy's state.
Thereafter their conversation the party comes to a close and Gatsby invites Nick
in for a Hydroplane flight...all these actions are probably done with Gatsby's
alterior motive of using Nick to help him meet Daisy. Nick expresses in his
notes that all that has been written was not all that engrossed him in his life
during that point and time. We also learn of Jordan Baker being involved in a
scandal where in the semi-finals of a Golf Tournament, she was reported to have
adjusted her balls' lie. Nick and Jordan also increase their relations BUT Nick
still reserves his judgment of her and is wary not to be wrongly love struck. Ch
4: The scene opens with Nick reminiscing and providing us with a lengthy list
that he compiled of all who attended Gatsby's parties. Gatsby visits Nick in his
gorgeous car, this is the first time that Gatsby has called on Nick. His reason
for coming is too take Nick and himself out to lunch....Nick is awed by his
car's beauty. During this ride, Gatsby informs Nick of his "correct"
success story being that he was from a wealthy mid-western family and he
inherited a large sum of money. As well he graduated from Oxford. He also
traveled the world in style. Thereafter he joined the Army in the Great War and
became an honoured soldier. Along the way to town, we see the power that Gatsby
holds when he veers of a policeman by showing him a Xmas card from the
Commissioner of police. Eventually Nick and Gatsby arrive at the luncheon to
meet Wolfshein. Wolfshein is an old Jew who is very conversational. Wolfshein
abruptly begins business chat with Nick believing that he is a business
partner....Gatsby quickly prevents the conversation from continuing giving us
light to Gatsby wanting to keep many of his affairs private. Nick tells Gatsby
that he wishes to know Gatsby's alterior motive to having lunch and tea with him
and Jordan Baker....Before Gatsby can explain himself a phone call comes for this break without the presence of Gatsby, Wolfshein and Nick discuss
Gatsby. Wolfshein speaks highly of him as a man he'd "like to take home and
introduce to your mother and sister." As soon as Gatsby arrives back,
Wolfshein leaves and we find out that he is a professional Gambler, and one who
fixed the world series of 1919. Just as the twosome finish lunch, Nick meets
eyes with Tom and he comes over to chat....Gatsby leaves quickly. In the next
scene we are caught in the middle of a flashback of Jordan's. In Jordan's
flashback, we are taken back and see Daisy at age 18. At this point she is in
love with Jay Gatsby, a Lieutenant. He leaves for war and time passes leading to
Daisy's engagement to Tom Buchanan. Prior to their marriage, Daisy shows doubts.
She has a letter and some pearls from the guests which she does not wish to
adorn. However after their honeymoon, all seems fine and soon after they arrive
back, Daisy has a baby girl. The family then traveled Europe and lived in France
for a while, eventually coming back to live in Chicago. Six weeks ago Daisy was
informed of Gatsby living across the Bay. He purchased that particular spot just
to be across the Bay from Daisy. Jordan then reveals to Nick Gatsby's plan of
using Nick and his cottage as a catalyst for their relationship. Nick seems to
be alright with this plan and willing to help get Daisy over to his cottage for
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