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In one of the greatest works of the Twentieth Century, "The Great
Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald, there are many dynamic and upright
characters, which greatly add to the story's theme. One character, Daisy Fay
Buchanan, is made essential by way of her relation to the theme. With her
multi-dimensional personality and relation to the conflicts, she becomes needed
in order to convey the meaning. Daisy Buchanan is a round and powerful character
with many different sides to her personality. Early on in the book, she is
portrayed as sweet and innocent. Daisy appears to be sweet, innocent, and has
external intelligence. While underneath her "white dress" lies a
corrupted innersole. She is crude and showy, all an act to attract people to
her. This theme is displayed in almost every character. Everyone appears to be
someone they're not, just as people in the society of the 1920's. Daisy also
keeps a daughter around as a show toy. Whenever company comes over, she beckons
for the little girl to come and put on a little act for everyone. This signifies
her life. Pammy, Daisy’s daughter, is kept in the closet until it's time to
show off for company. Daisy becomes radiant and personable. When everyone has
gone, Daisy becomes bored, of no importance to the world wondering aloud what
she is going to do with the rest of her life. She appears to be bored yet
innocent and harmless. Daisy rediscovers her love with Gatsby because of his
nice shirts and large house. When Gatsby failed to contact her, she went off and
married another man, without evening having heard word from Gatsby. All of these
many and round characteristics add complications to the plot and dimension to
the meaning she adds to the book. Daisy was involved in the conflict between she
and Tom. Tom had a mistress and Daisy was upset by it. Daisy would act like she
new nothing at all and would be all sarcastic about it. She would also go and
spend some time with Gatsby. Another conflict is her love affair with Gatsby.
Her apparent sweetness and innocence allow Gatsby to fall in love with her. But
her impatience and ignorance of true love or the meaning of truth and compassion
allow her to flawlessly marry Tom, without a sober thought of Gatsby. He falls
for her, which leads up to the further conflict. The conflict is whether or not
she will go back with Gatsby. Daisy was the cause for Gatsby to change his ways
and by doing this it also got him killed in the end. Daisy is the central
corruption of Gatsby's dream. Daisy was the only thing, or at least he thought
between him and happiness. Myrtle Wilson grew up a poor girl. She never had what
Daisy had and she never will. All that she wanted was to be part of the riches.
She would do anything to fit in and to get what she wanted. So Myrtle found Tom
and she was happy. She was able to experience the wealth. Tom showered her with
gifts, which she loved. Tom made her feel like she was royalty or so she
thought. The one thing that was missing from this all was the respect. Tom
treated her so badly. He would smack her around. He treated her like a
possession and nothing more. By sneaking around with Tom it shows us how Myrtle
had no respect for her husband or herself. Mr. Wilson treated her like a
princess. He wasn’t able to give her exactly what she wanted, but he treated
her with respect. He would do anything for her. It also shows how Myrtle had no
respect for herself. If she weren’t so insecure she wouldn’t have let Tom
smack her around like he did. All in all, Daisy contributes and is essential to
the story through her personality, conflicts, and themes. Being a
three-dimensional character, she is an excellent addition to the novel and
greatly increases the meaning. Without her, the story would lack many certain
elements, which are crucial to the theme.
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