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The wealthy lifestyles of the Buchanans and Miss Jordan have morally corrupted
their lives. Money has created boredom for them. Their ways of perceiving life
and their altitudes towards other is vain. But each of them shows off their
vanity in different ways. Tom Buchanan, for example, believes that white
civilization is going to pieces and will be utterly submerged by the other
races. The Rise of the Coloured Empires has reinforced his perception that his
race is more civilized. This book has made Tom believe that it is all scientific
and true. He does not realize that he is a racist. He thinks that just because
the white race has more wealth, that they should be in control of society. Miss
Baker shows off her vanity in her actions. In the vehicle with Nick, Jordan
insisted she receive special privileges because of her wealth and celebrity
status. Her comment, "They'll keep out of my way," implies that other
drivers will keep out of her way. She has a spoiled altitude towards because she
thinks she owns the road. She is also hypocritical because she hates careless
people even though she is a careless driver herself. Daisy Buchanan expresses
her vanity in the words she says. For example, she once said, "I've been
everywhere and seen everything and love everything," implying that she has
been around the globe and seen everything there is to offer. She thinks that she
can solve the problems of the world because she has gone to a few more places
than other people have and that she knows more than other people do. Her wealth
has given her the opportunity to visit extraordinary places, but it has also
given her boredom. She has taken her money for granted and now she has too much
free time. Money has given the Buchanans and Miss Baker everything they had ever
wanted. It has enriched their lives and their lifestyles. But it has also made
their altitude towards others vain. Their wealth has revealed their vanity for
the rest of the world to see.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. "The Great Gatsby"
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