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In the novel the great Gatsby we can look at two people as the heros, but they
are both heros in a different manner . Nick could be seen as a hero because of
the way he struggled to help Gatsby realize his dream and the other hero is
Gatsby himself who we can see as a hero because of the way he took the blame for
the woman he loved and she didn’t even acknowledge him after his death . Nick
was born in the poor part of town but still although curious did not have any
real desire to be part of the rich mans world . It was sort of brought upon him
by Gatsby who need him in his plan to get to Daisy . He was the piece of the
puzzle that Gatsby was missing for so long he was the missing link in the chain
of events that would proceed . Some could call what he did , getting Gatsby and
Daisy together an act of a man who was a Hero or just an act of kindness towards
another human being . I trend to see Nick as being a hero in some ways because
of the way he thought but not really in the way he acted he wasn’t overly
strong or courageous like the typical stereotype we have a hero to look like .
Nick was more of a modern day hero in his own right . Gatsby on the other hand
although not a hero in the sense of a physically strong man who saves the lives
of distressed people . But he is a hero more in the sense that he is totally
devoted to one woman most of his life . Then when it looks as if she is going to
get into trouble for the death of Mrytle after she hit her with Gatsby’s car
Gatsby heroicly comes in and hides the car and destroys the evidence to save his
distressed princess from a punishment that he could not handle seeing her take .
Then after the inquiries into the accident have finished he rests back waiting
for the storm of rumours to blow over but in not letting Daisy take the blame he
has shifted all the suspicions onto himself and when Mr Wilson hears about the
rumour he is filled with anger towards Gatsby so he kills him . Some may say
Gatsby died a heros death and then there are those who may say he died out of
stupidity . So to decide who is the real hero we have to look at what most
people perceive A hero to be like is it a hero like Nick someone although he
doesn’t show any characteristics of a typical hero he is still a hero in the
sense that he was responsible for the reunion between Gatsby and Diasy . Or
maybe it could be the fact that he helped someone realize their dream before it
was to late he was Gatsby’s hero someone who put into Gatsby’s life what he
had been longing to have . It could be said that Gatsby was the hero because of
the way he acts and the way he is so devoted to Daisy but still it is
questionable wether or not he was a hero . He was in fact put in the book to
look like the hero but people who read deep into the book and gain a full
understanding of it can see that in most ways Nick is more of a hero than
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