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Literature: Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God, (1937) presents strong evidence of love as a
symbol of a true friendship that lasts forever. When Tea Cake comes home with
his hard earned money, he says to Janie “What Ah tell yuh Ahm gointuh bring
it, Ah don’t lie.”(122) Tea Cake is straight forward with Janie that’s one
of the things that Janie admires about him. Unlike, her other husbands, Logan,
and Joe, who controlled her on one way or the other. Because they have the trust
they can rely on one another anytime. Tea Cake gives Janie whatever he can
offer. “From now on, you gointuh eat wahutever mah money can buy and wear de
same. When Ah ain’t got nothin’ you don’t git nothin.”(122) Tea cake
loves Janie and wants her to be happy. He’s the only one who gives Janie the
freedom to be who she is, not who someone wanted her to be. All of Janie’s
life she was hidden behind a mask that only was taken off with Tea Cake’s
love. “He drifted into sleep and Janie looked down on him and felt a
self-crushing love. So her soul crawled out from its hiding place.’(122) The
love that both Tea Cake and Janie shared gave Janie’s soul the freedom and the
food it starved for many years. After Tea Cake’s death, Janie did not feel
alone. “She called in her soul to come and see.”(184) Tea Cake had given so
much love to Janie that would last her whole life. Tea Cake not only encouraged
Janie’s growth to independence, but also given her a direction toward her new
life. Even though Tea Cake is gone physically, he is there with Janie. “He
could never be dead until she herself had finished feeling and thinking. The
kiss of his memory made pictures of love and light against the wall.’(184) Tea
Cake’s death freed Janie for the rest of her life. When he was gone she had
nothing else to look after in life except herself. She was like a little seed,
able to blow in the wind and go wherever she chose to go.” She pulled the in
her horizon like a great big fish net…she called in her soul to come and
see.”(184) Janie’s mind and sprit, and body were free. Janie has Tea Cake's
love in her soul. He will always be with her. With having Tea Cake there Janie
is a whole person. In conclusion, Janie has found her true love and a new life
with Tea Cake. Tea Cake is the catalyst in her inner blooming. For Janie and Tea
Cake being in which they have learned and grown together. After Tea Cake’s
death, he himself is not there physically, but he’s always with Janie. The
spiritual growth of love they both shared will always be there.
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