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A.) Write a short (2-3 paragraph) summary of what you read for this week... This
week I read about this servant girl named Catherine who is in love with her
master. At first she thinks it would be impossible to fall in love with him,
then when she does fall in love with him she's afraid he could never love her
back. She is more afraid that he won't look inside of her, she is afraid that he
will look at her and see...his mail not a wonderful women that she is just his
servant girl. B.) 2 passages that you find interesting... 1.) It is hard to
forgive, and to look at those eyes, and feel those wasted hands. 2.) Let me
alone! Let me alone! He doesn't love me and I'm dying for it. It is enough! I
like these passages because Catherine talks about how much she loves her master
but never tells him. I think this is driving her absolutely crazy! I.
Introduction I think the books theme is about a girl who falls in love with a
man who at first she thinks she could never fall in love with him, but then she
does...and now she is afraid she cannot have him. II. Quotes "Loving! Did
anybody ever hear the like! I might just as well talk of loving the miller who
comes once a year to buy our corn pretty loving, indeed! and obth times together
you have seen linton now here is the babyish trash. I'm going with it to the
library; and we'll see what your father says to such loving. III. Quotes
"Nonsense! do you imagine he has thought as much of you as you have of
him?" IV. Quotes "If he doesn't see it I will be worth nothing for I
am in love with my master." V. Conclusion She doesn't get the man she is in
love with. In my eyes, I don't think she tried at all to get him. She could of
atleast told him but not once did she say a word to him, about how much of love
she had for him.
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