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Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, better known as Marquis de Condorcet, was
born in Ribemont, Paris. He studied at Jesuit schools and the college de Navarre
and later became a French philosppher, political leader, and mathmatician. He
published a book titled Essai sur le calcul integral and in 1769 he was elected
to the Academie des Sciences. He was very fasinated by probality and the
philosophy of mathematics and this is where most of his famous work evolved
from. He wrote Essay on the Application of Analysis to the Probabilty Majority
Decisions which was very important work in the development of probablity.
Condorcet was very opposed to the church and to show his opinions on this he
wrote Vie de M Turgot and Vie de Voltaire. Both of these works showed how he
agreed with the economic ideas of Turgot and the ideas of Voltaire, who was also
opposed to the church. He is most known for his method for electing people in
single-seat elections. His method Marquis de Condorcet became involved in
politics and was in great favor of the French Revolution. He became the
president of the Legislative Assembly. During the revolution he fled due to his
strong disagreement with the Girondists. While he was hiding he wrote Esquisse
d’un tableau historique des progres de l’esprit humain. He used nine stages
to show the progress of the human race. He also showed another stage which
showed the human perfection can be established with the help of education. He
was soon discovered and was found dead the following day.
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