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Jenny donít know what love is. But really Jenny is the one that doesnít know
what love is. Then Jenny starts to try to get a ride She is running away from
Forrest. Then Forrest tells her he is going to Vietnam. Jenny stops and looks at
him then tells him not to be brave if youíre in trouble or danger run. Forrest
writes her letters everyday and then he signs every letter with Love Forrest.
But Jenny sends them all back. Well he is there Jenny gets into more bad
relationships and drugs. Forrest and Jenny meat again when he is saying
something with Abby. They run to each other she yells Forrest and then he shouts
Jenny. That night Jenny Shows Forrest around Washington DC. Then they go to the
Black Panther place Jennyís boy friend hits her Forrest kicks his ass and gets
them thrown out they walk all night and talk like old times. Jenny says you look
handsome in that uniform. Jenny is a hippie and starts to use LSD and other
drugs. The next day she goes to leave her old boyfriend. Forrest says come to
home to Alabama and Jenny says we live two very different live then Forrest
gives her his medal. Jenny says this is yours but then Forrest says I just did
what you told me to do Jenny thatís how I got it. Jenny says you r to good to
me Forrest. Forrest looks at Jenny in a loving way as she gets on the bus and
gives Wesley the evil eye. She goes through many bad relationships get a black
eye from one of her boyfriends. Starts doing heroin and cocaine. Almost kills
herself then she finally realizes she canít do this anymore. So she goes to
live with Forrest in Green Bow. They go for a walk one day and come to Jennyís
old house Jenny stops it gets windy and then she starts throwing rocks and then
she throws her shoes at it. Falls to the ground and starts to cry. They go back
home it is New Years now. Forrest tells Jenny I love you and she says you
donít know what love is again. Forrest then says I might be stupid but I know
what love is Jenny. That night Jenny goes to his bedroom and says Forrest I do
love you and then she has sex with him. Jenny thinks love is sex and I think it
is because the way she was raised. Then she leaves she is running, running for
Forrest, commitment, and most of all true love. Jenny sees Forrest running on TV
writes him a litter saying to come visit her. Jenny tells Forrest he has a son.
Jenny tells him she is very sick and dying (she had AIDS). Forrest asks Jenny to
marry him they get married. After the wedding she dies on a Saturday. Forrest
barred her under their tree. The date of her death is March 22, 1982.
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