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The evolution of the modern atom model took several years to evolved with
contribution from different scientists. One of these scientists, the first to
come up with a modern model of the atom is JJ Thomson. Thomson proposes that the
structure of an atom is mainly a sphere. A sphere that is filled with positive
electronic field and contains tiny particles that has a negative charge. He
called the tiny particles “corpuscles”. Thomson’s model of the atom is
often refer as the “plum pudding” model because it has a consistency that is
all the same throughout the whole atom with a few plums to represent the tiny
corpuscles. Thomson’s modern was widely accepted by people all over the world.
It was such an amazing discovery that his model led to other amazing development
of the modern model of the atom. Earnest Rutherford who was JJ Thomson’s
students, contributed greatly to the evolution of the modern model of an atom.
Rutherford’s Gold Foil experiment was supposed to support and better prove
that Thomson’s model of an atom was correct. Instead, Rutherford discovered
the existence of a nucleus in an atom. The Gold Foil experiment had three
founding; all were expected except for one. Rutherford found that a very few
alpha particles (1 out of 8000) was deflected by more than 90°. This founding
proves that at the center of the atom was a super dense nucleus and totally
destroys the Thomson model. Rutherford’s model of the atom wasn’t as widely
accepted as Thomson’s model because there were still few people who support
the Thomson model no matter what.
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