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In this experiment we will observe the properties of a pendulum moving in a
circular motion rather than the traditional “back and forth” motion. This
will simulate the direction that a satellite would follow above the earths
atmosphere. The purpose of this experminate will be to show how gravity pulls on
the string and the path that the pendulum follows. Apparatus used: 1. Pendulum
with long string 4. Digital stop watch 2. pendulum clamp 5. two-meter stick 3.
circular path draen on paper 6. vernier caliper procedures: hang the pendulum
for the attached rod and allow the pendulum so it’s nearly to the floor. Then
align the ball with the center of your circled paper and center the pendulum
onto the circle. Practice rotating the pendulum so it follow the circle that you
have made. After you have practiced this a few times make a mark on the circle,
this is your starting point. Start the pendulum into motion so it will follow
its path on the paper and after it has made a complete reveloution that is your
first turn. Using your stop watch start timing the reveloutions that it has
made. You can use as many turns as you like, just remember that you must make 1
complete turn before stateing that it is one turn. Data: Average radius of
pendulum arc – 30.5cm (Converted to Meters - .0153m) Length of pendulum
string( to the top of bob) - 161.8cm Bob diameter – 2.5cm Pendulum length to
center of bob - 163.05cm Angle of string from vertical – 5.38° Time for 4
reveolutions = 10.57 seconds. Average period = 2.643seconds. Average speed 2.376
m/sec. (15.25/1000 = .0153m*.364m/sec = 2.376 m/sec.) Am= .865 m/sec Ap = .923 %
difference = {(am – Ap)/Ap} * 100% = -6.28%
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