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Most people believe that their relationship is not like others. They don't have
problems. These kinds of people also think that their partner won't cheat on
them or do anything wrong. But the truth is that almost all relationships won't
last forever. A few reasons relationships fall apart are one partner cheats,
they lose interest in each other, lack of communication which causes problems,
if you try to change someone and it backfires, and if you hide something you
should have told the other person and then they find out about it later. In a
relationship you can tell when you're losing interest in each other. Some signs
are that you don't talk much with each other, you don't spend time together
anymore instead it's spent with your friends away from home. Some signs to tell
if the other person in the relationship is cheating is by the person starts to
come home from work later than they usually do, they start to smell like perfume
that neither of you have, when you confront them about cheating and they get all
nervous and deny it, when you ask them why they've been coming home late from
work lately and they makeup stupid excuses. Sometimes they say they are going
somewhere but when you phone to see if they are there they aren't. If you're in
a relationship and the person does any of these things, your relationship could
be falling apart. In this kind of abusive relationship, you should know it is
time to leave. The reason you should leave an abusive relationship is because if
you don't, you could end up hurting yourself. Most of the time when a person is
in this kind of a position, they are too scared to leave it. Because they think
the one who is abusing will hurt them more. In some cases they could. Therefore,
it is important to leave. Another thing about people who are in this position is
that if you suspect they are being abused and you confront them about it, they
will deny it and change the subject. A few other signs of someone being abused
is if they always have bruises all over their body and you ask them what
happened, it takes them a while to answer and finally when they do answer its
something like I accidentally fell down the stairs or I walked into something.
These kinds of people should get help fast, like going to the police before
something serious happens and they get hurt really bad and end up in the
hospital. People define a soul mate as someone who likes the same things as they
do, they get along with each other perfectly, and they know everything about
each other. A few other definitions of a soul mate are that they feel complete
when they are with each other and both of them believe it's true love. Some
people never marry only date because they believe that someday the right person
will come along and may just happen to be their soul mate. Many others don't
believe in soul mates because they think it's impossible to find someone that
likes exactly what they do and gets along fine no matter what. Sometimes people
do find their soul mates and sometimes people spend their whole lives looking
for theirs. As you can see, I think that relationships aren't impossible but it
is hard to find a good one where both of you get along fine and there aren't
many problems. In every relationship there will always be problems no matter
what you do. There are no such things as relationships with any problems.
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