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There are many good interesting things about angels. Many people in the world
believe in angels , others do not. Whether you believe in them ornot , they are
all around us. Angels fight for your soul , against the powers of darkness. In
the book Angels written by Billy Grahm there are three main points , angels are
real, angels in the gospel and angels in our live today. The first point in the
book angels by Billy Grahm is that angels are real. Angels are nearer to you ,
if you are a believer , than you think. Demonic activity is increasing in our
world very rapidly. Gods angels are around us now more than ever in this time of
need. Even god himself said in his word that he has given his angels charge over
us to keep us in all our ways. On thier hands they will bear you lest you dash
your foot against a stone. The second point in the book Angels written by Billy
Grahm is , angels in the gospel. Angels are all through the bible. Whether they
are delivering messasges or fighting wars , they are there. After all it was an
angel who told Mary she would concieve Jesus. It was also an angel who held a
flaming sword across a path , and made a donkey talk. Angels are mentioned
throughout the bible. So unless you think Gods word is a lie angels are real.
Angels in our lives today is the third point in the book Angels by Billy Grahm.
There are many stories if angels appearing to people in our society. And there
are many things that seem impossible that happen. Some people say it was angels
some don't. Angels are relevant in our lives today even if u think they
aren’t. God “put a hedge about me” this hedge is angels. God put them
around us because they are Gods secret agents. Angels are real and god sais it
in his word. They are used as his messengers or warriors. Whatever they are used
for they are sent by god. God said he would put his angels about us. He has been
faithful with this promise , so angels are around always. These past three
paragraphs explain the three main points in the book Angels by Billy Graham.
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